There Is No Evidence Of Election Fraud

The Epstein Party is trying to turn a mostly peaceful protest into another 9/11, but worse, kindling their very own Reichstag fire. Complete with political "cleansing," re-education camps, absolute control over the public discourse, willfully ignorant hypocrisy and the systemic implementation of overtly sexist and racist policies, we seem to be "Building Back Better" to a frightening, dystopian "new normal". How did we get here, and is there any going back?

We’ve heard it over and over again. “There is no evidence of election fraud in the 2020 election.” Republicans have been asked to repeat those words like a mantra, in order to diffuse “a potential violent situation” in the wake of the January 6th protests having gotten out of hand. When they refuse, they have been subjected to expulsion, cancellation, deplatforming, and worse. Claims of election fraud are “baseless,” just like “the Qanon conspiracy theory is baseless,” the media has reported so frequently and so vehemently, you might almost believe they’d researched these things and debunked them themselves – even though the very language they use betrays that they haven’t.

Qanon isn’t “a conspiracy theory,” and it’s not even Qanon – it’s Q, and his army of anonymous followers, and a pinboard of various “conspiracy theories” and Nostradamusesque predictions very loosely bound together with a million frayed strings by a common, and almost universal idea: that at the highest levels, our government is completely, hopelessly corrupt – but within that toxic morass, there are “good guys” working to unfuck the system. Q drops obscure little snippets of insider data and leads his followers down a rabbit hole, telling them all the while to “Trust the plan,” resulting in an amazingly complacent citizenry. Interestingly, the whole phenomena mirrors an old op, “Operation Trust,” a Bolshevik counter-intel op reported to have run in the Soviet Union from 1921 to 1926. Operation Trust was carried out in order to “neutralize opposition by creating the false impression that a powerful group of military leaders had organized to stop the communists’ takeover,” while also gathering intelligence on where the true allegiance of those subjected to the op lay. That sounds sinister, doesn’t it? But the media doesn’t report on any of that, rather they join Q with anon in order to create “Qanon,” conflate the nature of what Q actually is, and use that misunderstanding and a million more to “debunk” the “Qanon conspiracy theory”. The conspiracy theories they’ve come up with in a desperate attempt to make sense of (and ridicule) the “groundless” Q “conspiracy theory” are nearly as contorted, outlandish and ridiculous as those of Q acolytes and MAGA cultists themselves.

Just as media has conflated and muddied the waters around the Q psyop in their effort to elevate the fringe phenomena and fear-bait their audience, they’ve absolutely jumped the shark spinning the events of January sixth in a transparent attempt to criminalize debate around the dubious 2020 election, weaving a tangled web with which they hope to ensnare everyone that disagrees with them. They’ve used the pretext of the alleged “violent insurrection” that took place on the sixth to effectively criminalize even wondering aloud if the 2020 election might not have been entirely on the up & up.

Despite credible evidence that CNN contributors and their “freelance” photographers facilitated the breach of the Capitol Hill building and deliberately escalated the situation alongside BLM/antifa operatives, then used those same operatives to paint Trump supporters as violent, The Epstein Party is attempting to use that incident to condemn everyone who opposes them. This agitator helped escalate tensions and ultimately got a girl killed, and was featured on CNN, but still has his Twitter account, while Trump supporters who attended the protest, and the President himself, have been banned from the platform turned publisher.

One unruly protest, after a year straight of unchecked violence masquerading as “peaceful protests” on the streets of Democrat cities across the nation that weren’t only condoned but encouraged – one unruly protest has been epically blown out of proportion to justify doing what these people have wanted to do for the last four years: eviscerate MAGA and all that it stands for, and assume absolute control for a despotic, DNC-controlled regime. The hypocrisy of making one little riot out to be the end of the world, after a year constant screaming “burn it all down” ACAB, is staggering.

FEMA appears to be in control of the government and troops are massing in DC, ostensibly in order to facilitate a peaceful transition of power to the squinting, doddering old man who can’t hold a thought and the prosecutor lady who slept her way to the top and couldn’t nail 1% of the vote in a sham primary. They’ve even got Ospreys flying low over DC, and appear to be setting up radar on the coast. The military is everywhere. In order to celebrate the election of the most popular politician in US history, if we are to believe the results of the election, we are asked to accept that we need more troops on the ground in Washington DC than we had in Afghanistan. Who’s couping who? 😬

But there definitely, absolutely is no evidence of election fraud, and no shenanigans of any kind were involved in the 2020 election, that is certain, insists the media. The idea that there was any election fraud is entirely baseless, they say, driving it into what’s left of the minds of their viewers with the same solemn certitude and endless repetition they used to sell the Steele dossier, the pee tape, the “many fine people” hoax, and the Russiagate hoax, two flimsy impeachments, and the Iraq war, for that matter. Same people, same shit, different day.

We wonder if the media’s made any mention of Ruby Freeman, or if she matters to them? Ruby Freeman is a one-woman proof of election fraud, and she seemed pretty proud of it, for awhile. Ruby and her daughter, who also happened to be her election supervisor, appeared to have single-handedly swayed one key Georgia county for Biden. We witnessed as her daughter sent all the press and poll watchers home for the night, then pulled suitcases of ballots from under the tables and began processing them. It appeared, at first, as if Ruby and her daughter may have acted alone to facilitate the steal for the Biden campaign, at least in this one key county. Perhaps this is how the media has justified their spin from “there is no evidence of election fraud” to “there is no evidence of widespread election fraud,” and back again, pretending Ruby and her daughter were a one-off, proving nothing.

Now video has surfaced after someone painstakingly analyzed the election security cameras and extracted a transcript of the audio from election night. It’s hard to hear, but if you listen very closely, it’s all there.
Here, you can clearly observe Ruby and her daughter, while trying to be mindful of the cameras, discussing sending everybody home so that the pair can “do their thing” – with a man who appears to be Ralph Jones Jr., the top elections official in Fulton county. He seems to be instructing Ruby and her daughter to “make up an announcement” in order to get rid of everybody, so they can “stay late” and produce “at least 3,000” fraudulent voters in the dead of night. Ralph reminds Ruby that they’re getting paid $100 per hour and tells them they better “make excuses” in order to get it done.

“Take those boxes and get me some results,” Ralph instructs them.

Another man, more cognizant of the cameras than Ralph and Ruby, reminds them that they can be heard, and tells them to talk privately. Ralph tries to play it off legit and announces that they’ll all be “staying after,” as if that, and all the rest of what they just discussed, is perfectly fine.

Could those “excuses” Ralph told Ruby and her daughter to come up with have anything to do with the “water main break,” which was later revealed to be no more than a leaking toilet, that was initially used to explain why counting had been halted “for about four hours” in Fulton county? The New York Times reported that barely 100,000 votes separated the two candidates when counting was stopped. They parroted the claim that “a water pipe break in a room being used by Fulton County to process those ballots disrupted operations Tuesday morning, delaying the counting of an estimated 50,000 ballots,” and explained “Georgia’s voters were able to submit absentee ballots through drop boxes around the state as late as 7 p.m. Tuesday. After collection, they had to be delivered to elections offices before they could be counted,” making the miraculous manifestation of tens of thousands of ballots in the dead of night, after counting had been halted for a supposed water main break that never happened, seem… plausible, I guess?

How’s that timing line up? Ballots were allowed to be submitted through 7PM, and then funneled to elections offices to be counted. This process could easily take several hours. At 10PM ET, poll observers and press were sent home, but Ruby, her daughter and a couple others stayed behind and continued counting, until 1AM ET.

Thanks to The New York Times, we can see exactly what that span of time looked like on election night, because for some reason, they chose three states to focus on on election night: Florida, North Carolina, and, you guessed it: Georgia. I thought it was especially odd that they singled out these three states, and so, periodically throughout the evening on election night, I recorded their “forecast” page with the election gauge needles. I condensed this down to two minutes elapsed, and added a clock so you can see what’s happening when. I’m in Arizona, so the times are MST. In November, MST is two hours earlier than ET.

As you can see, as of midnight ET, Trump was leading all three states by a wide margin, “quite likely” and “probably” sweeping the states, according to the NYT. By 1AM MT, or 3AM ET, Georgia jumps back to Biden, saving the poor guy at NYT whose brilliant idea it was to single these three states out to showcase the election a bit of face, and saving the hopes of the would-be Queen Kamala.

At midnight on election night, Ryan Lizza tweeted that a “well-placed Democrat” told him “It will take a Hail Mary of voting miracles. Turnout on Election Day didn’t have the momentum/density we’d expected.” That sentiment was widely expressed all over Twitter, in a racist slew of leftist tweets blaming black voters for Biden’s loss. But Trump supporters were wary of DNC tricks, and watching for the turnabout.

At midnight on NBC’s live election coverage, the mood was somber and diffused. They all knew that they were staring deep into the abyss of their worst nightmare: another Trump victory. Then Andrea Mitchell came on and accidentally broke news: Biden had been frantically calling officials in key counties just as counting was stalled in those counties. Andrea reports that Biden was calling around and asking “Why is this going so slow,” but I think we all know what was really conveyed on those last minute calls to officials in key counties, don’t we?

“Biden’s been calling around – he’s very nervous about how slow the count is coming in in several of the big counties… he’s been calling around, and Biden was calling Casey and checking in, ‘why are these counties, like some of the PA suburbs, not reporting? Why is this so slow?’ So it is that early vote factor, but also, you know, he himself is getting nervous. That’s why Joe Biden came out. Because he anticipated exactly what the President did, which was a tweet saying that the vote was being stolen, starting to – change the narrative, and Biden using optimism and telling people to be patient, is trying to at least capture that mood, but privately, he is calling people, elected officials, and former officials in key counties…”

Andrea tries to keep blathering on, excited about this insider info she just got, but Savannah Guthrie reads between the lines and comes in to the rescue. You can almost hear the producers screaming in her ear to SHUT IT DOWN.

Savannah saves the day by deftly pivoting to NBC Hostess C for a quick change of topic, but they know they blew it there. I suspect this is one reason why NBC purged the record of their live election coverage on MSNBC.com and from the NBC and MNSBC channels on YouTube. They missed a spot and left one stream online, which I was able to find and extract the clip above from. This aired just after Biden’s election night speech to a bunch of empty jeeps, so I place it just before 1AM. This is documentary evidence that the Biden campaign – or perhaps even Biden himself – called officials in key counties just as counting was halted, and just before the needles changed course and pivoted for Biden. Harris-Biden is reported to have *won Georgia by about 12,000 votes.

Now this might be compelling circumstantial evidence, but, you might say, that’s all it is. Just a big coincidence that the timing all lines up with Biden calling officials in key counties just as a water main break – I mean leaky toilet – is used as an “excuse” to halt counting, just after Ralph instructed Ruby to come up with some excuse to send observers home so she & her daughter could “do their thing”. That it was just after boxes of ballots were pulled from under tables and run through the machines – sometimes in triplicate – that the NYT’s election forecast needles took a B-line for Biden. Amazingly, as of November 4th, CNN was reporting that Fulton county still had some 20,000 mail-in ballots yet to count. This is CNN’s convoluted analysis of Fulton county as of November 4th:

Looking at Biden’s massive lead in Fulton county, this simply doesn’t add up. Trump was far ahead, with just 100,000 ballots left to count, with just 50,000 needed, according to the NYT on election night, for Biden to close the gap. How could Harris-Biden possibly have ended up with such a huge margin of victory? It seems mathematically impossible. CNN’s John King explains the bizarre shift in the voting curve by suggesting that of course Democrats voted by mail far more than Republicans, “because of the pandemic,” admitting it was these dubious mail-in ballots that put Biden over the line. According to poll observers present during the count in Georgia, 93% of all military ballots broke for Biden. If it is true that the military overwhelmingly voted for Harris-Biden, why does Biden seem so concerned about the loyalties of the military he is allegedly to take over as Commander in Chief, in only a few days? The Harris-Biden transition team is so terrified of American soldiers, they’ve asked that they be disarmed while they patrol Biden’s inauguration, asking commanding officers to “confiscate” all ammunition. The army has agreed to vet soldiers’ political leanings, to accommodate the incoming administration. Which begs another question, as an aside – how can our men and women in the armed forces trust their chain of command, when clearly the Big Guy at the top doesn’t trust them, depending on who they might have voted for four years ago?

Alright, that’s troubling, you might say, but back to the point. Maybe this Georgia stuff is hinky, but perhaps it is a one-off.

Except shenanigans like these were reported all over the country – and mainly, if not exclusively, in counties Biden had to recover in order to *win.

Apparently, changing the rules to forego signature matching and extending the voting deadline til the Friday after election day wasn’t enough to seal the steal in Pennsylvania. Look at how close Pennsylvania is, even in a sea of red. What exactly did Biden say to Bob Casey, notorious sufferer of TDS, when he called on election night?

This is the story in key counties in states across the nation. Trump was winning on election night, and winning big. So for the first time in my entire lived experience and as far as I can tell, for the first time in anybody’s memory, they just stopped counting. They materialized ballots overnight, sometimes over days, and just kept piling them on til they’d made up the difference. And they would like everybody to stop talking about this now, because a protest got out of hand on January 6th. They would like to label what happened on the sixth an “insurrection,” pretend there’s worse planned for Biden’s supposed inauguration in a few days, and drum it up to be the worst thing this nation has experienced since 9/11 – one Senator going so far as to say it was “scarier” than 9/11.

Because of course, being attacked with a bioweapon clown bug plague, having our own officials and media actively suppressing treatments for said clown bug plague, for most of a year, and using that plague to justify changing election laws, and everything else, on the fly without even going through the proper, constitutionally prescribed procedures, and then exploiting the loopholes created by those haphazard revisions to execute widespread election fraud in the clear light of day before God and everyone, all the while promoting “peaceful protests” that were anything but, wasn’t jarring to the collective psyche or anything. 😐

These are “ends justify the means” times for “ends justify the means” people, only just like the fundamentalists who came before them and who these elites would disparage as somehow beneath them, they believe it must fall to them to facilitate the transition to heaven on Earth.  Unlike religious fundamentalists though, they aren’t attempting to herald the Second Coming, rather, they fancy themselves the gods of the new New World, and in order to create their Eden, they must become all-knowing. This is why they require all the data, so that they can analyze the statistics and mete out judgement according to their whims. Faithless and alone, they seek to abolish traditional faith as well as family. Certain that they are in the moral right, they seek to punish those who dare to persist in being wrong. “Wrong,” of course, is whatever runs counter to their narrative or their agenda. There will be no room for dissent in the new New World, and these folks want us to get that through our thick, primate skulls sooner than later. And if Trump doesn’t do something in the next three days, these are the people who will be breaking down what little is left of our society so they can “build back better” in their own image. Queen Kamala will push the big Great Reset button and much of what we once thought endemic to American life will vanish almost overnight, exploiting every opportunity created by the COVID crisis they fostered by muddying the waters around the nature of the bug, and by suppressing cheap, safe, effective treatments for a year.

They used a plague to violate the law and steal a US election. Everybody knows it. Only those complicit in the fraud won’t admit they know it’s true, and those people want everyone else to shut up about it forever, or at least until it’s well too late to do anything about it. Coronavirus was used as pretext to violate the rule of law and pretend it didn’t matter, because everyone afflicted with TDS as a result of consuming seething, hysterical anti-Trump propaganda for four years was happy to embrace “by any means” politics in order to depose the monster they created, will of the people be damned. After using COVID as pretext to make a shell game out of electoral protocols, after telling the American people that their lives might actually be in danger if they go to the polls every other hour, every day for most of the 2020 election season, with the Pied Piper Strategy people watching the polls on election day and realizing they might be in deep trouble, they had the CDC announce that it would be totally safe for people to vote in person, actually, and please do.

They’re exploiting the idea that this is just American politics as usual to put this to bed – but this is just the beginning of a long nightmare. Biden’s vulnerability to, if not collusion with, foreign entities, is a known known. A recent report concluded that Hunter “Biden’s work with Chinese nationals connected to the Communist regime illustrate the deep financial connections that accelerated while Joe Biden was vice president and continued after he left office,” and that because the investigation was met with stonewalling, “there is much work yet to be done” insofar as determining just how deep in China’s pocket Biden really is – work that will likely never be done after he assumes control of the state. “Hunter Biden and his family were involved in a vast financial network that connected them to foreign nationals and foreign governments across the globe.” DNI Ratcliff just released his “Views on Intelligence Community Election Security Analysis” and determined that China absolutely interfered in the 2020 election, and not only that, but the CIA actively subverted scrutiny into the matter by pressuring analysts to drop it. But this is all totally fine.

Presume for a moment that it is just politics as usual. Anything Trump may have accomplished with his trade wars, fighting for US interests abroad, will be squandered. The Biden family has built up an empire façade trading on Biden’s political capital, and once they secure power again, they will have to pony up on all those promises made in order to fuel Hunter’s habits. Guess who will be footing the bill, at best, and working it off? That would be us, the American people. Hunter Biden’s proclivities and ambitions, to say nothing of those of his father, will now be subsidized by the hopes and dreams of US citizens.

There is no evidence of widespread election fraud, though. Just as the definition of impartiality is too ambiguous to nail down, the definition of “free and fair” is up for grabs, like our “elected” representatives, our media networks and celebrity personalities, influencers, corporations, tech companies, and everything else. It is fitting that Joe Biden will lead us into this new era of perpetual “dark winter,” an unending, Promethean death of society by corruption and incompetence, after his long and storied career built upon being overtly open to “prostituting” himself to whoever is buying, plagiarizing, profiting from corruption, and eagerly willing to imprison as many of his own countrymen as possible to achieve whatever ends he is tasked with implementing by his patrons and handlers.

Even better, Joe Biden seems very clear on who will really be in charge after he is sworn in on January 20th, and has no apparent reservations about playing second fiddle to The Anointed One. Kamala Harris will be the unelected President to seal the deal for the new New World Order, just as soon as the DNC manages to puppeteer Joe Biden’s shriveled, sunken husk through all the perfunctory ceremonies. It’s a win/win for The Epstein Party. Biden gets to make good on all those blank checks Hunter’s written on his behalf and at our expense, all the disgraced DNC staffers and dejected Obama/Clinton sycophants get to take the positions they were promised four years ago, and Kamala gets to reign as Queen for most of a decade, just as the founders envisioned. And all that is just on the off chance that what we’re witnessing is just politics – that is a best case scenario for the next decade, that they just play this off as business as usual. For those few who are paying attention and reading between the lines, many see a much darker future looming on the horizon: a techno-dystopia in service of the vision of a globalist, omnipotent empire modeled after the newly anointed superpower and UN-endorsed authority on human rights: China. To paraphrase Hillary Clinton’s beard, “It depends on what the definition of human rights is,” doesn’t it.

If it isn’t abundantly clear to you that most of our media and many of our “elected” representatives have signed onto the DNCCPNWO Great Reset, take a look at The New York Times relaying China’s benevolent “offer” of “its version” of freedom, for Western nations to enjoy.

Read Professor Klaus Schwab’s COVID-19: The Great Reset and pay attention to the items specified under “Societal Reset”. COVID-19 will herald the death of neoliberalism, they predict, which they say is “a corpus of ideas and policies that can loosely be defined as favoring competition over solidarity, creative destruction over government intervention and economic growth over social welfare.” In other words, communism. They want to do away with the American way of life, replace America as the ideal that is held up to the world as an example to follow, level the playing field by ensuring that everybody has the opportunity to be equally unhappy in the name of “social justice,” and enslave all of the people of the world with invasive technology and a hodgepodge of draconian restrictions in the name of public health. Outmoded concepts like individual liberty must be abolished in order to create a utopia wherein all things are consciously interconnected with all other things, or else. “All statehood is off,” Professor Klaus declares, visibly giddy at the prospect, and with statehood, so goes personal autonomy. For the greater good, of course, according to our newly self-appointed overlords. And because all statehood is off, elections are really academic at this point – which works out really for the DNCCPNWO, coincidentally.

In February 2020, WaPo, the “Democracy Dies In Darkness” people, published an article titled “It’s time to give the elites a bigger say in choosing the president”. This anti-democratic headline was quickly replaced with a friendlier, euphemistic title: “It’s time to switch to preference primaries,” but I think we all heard them pretty clearly the first time. Incidentally, both Washington Post and The New York Times have accepted mountains of money from China, running “paid supplements designed to look like real news articles” in their publications, passing literal Chinese propaganda off as news.

Our colleges have also been compromised. In recent investigations, it was discovered that at least 48 colleges broke the law in failing to report tens of millions of dollars in “donations” from China, college boards have been corrupted by Chinese influence, impacting the curriculums of schools across the nation, and “some 54 scientists have resigned or been fired as a result of an ongoing investigation by the National Institutes of Health into the failure of NIH grantees to disclose financial ties to foreign governments. For 93% of the 189 scientists whom NIH has investigated to date, China was the source of their undisclosed support.” According to Campus Reform, the Biden Center at University of Pennsylvania has failed to properly disclose at least $70 MILLION in “gifts” from China to the federal government, just since 2017 – and $22 million of that was from “anonymous” Chinese benefactors. People don’t want to believe that all their institutions could possibly have been corrupted to this extent, but they’re not even trying to hide it. It’s almost as if they want us to be aware that we’re being assimilated, and they really want us to feel like there is absolutely nothing that can be done about it.

Disgraced presidential candidate Eric Swalwell was recently exposed having been shagging an actual Chinese spy who helped elevate him to office, and instead of resigning in disgrace, he’s being reinstated to take back his seat on the Homeland Security committee.

Of no import to our once free press, China has warned their military to be ready to go to war “at any second,” causing some to wonder if the overwhelming and unprecedented display of military force at the capitol might not just be about mitigating an armed protest allegedly planned by the “Boogaloo Boys,” as our three letter agencies and three letter media outlets would have us believe. Many have asked, is it possible that China might invade the USA on premise of defending the façade of US democracy, in order to ensure their complicit puppet is installed as POTUS?

Meanwhile, it’s just been declassified that Obama knowingly funded Al Qaeda by funneling our tax dollars through World Vision, a charitable organization and apparently a front for funding terrorists on the down-low. I guess he couldn’t just send nearly two billion dollars in unmarked hundred dollar bills on pallets in airplanes this time.

If we had a functional free press and a robust, wide open public discourse, as are guaranteed us in our constitution and reiterated by the courts, all of these things would be front page breaking news scandals and career ending catastrophes, resulting in investigations and arrests. Instead, the Biden family corruption, all the sick, tawdry details contained on Hunter’s “laptop from hell,” the fact that Kamala will actually be leading from behind, and the obviously questionable competence of Joe Biden to manage a convenience store – still yet a country, go unscrutinized by the agencies who are supposed to hold people accountable for this kind of thing, and unreported by the media, the last line of defense in holding officials to account.

What can the people do when their nation has been infiltrated by an alien entity that has compromised every institution that is supposed to uphold our rights? When our own rampant, unchecked corruption hasn’t only fattened itself at the expense of those who they are charged with representing, but has sold out the very foundation under our feet to those who would strip us of our autonomy, our traditions, even our language? Everyone has been effectively restrained from protesting on the streets, due to the pandemic and the hysteria around the January 6th protest. Many people have been deplatformed and are being deprived of essential services just for having answered the President’s call to attend his rally on that day. Many more people have been deplatformed since, just for having expressed their political views, so folks can’t really voice their dissent online, either. Our own president has been deplatformed, although recently recently reinstated by Facebook as a “political candidate”.

Corporations, restaurants, hotels, gas companies, all moral authorities all of a sudden, are publicly requesting donations to candidates who questioned the integrity of the election to be returned to them, and vowing never again to support any candidate who “assisted the insurrection” that never happened. Trump cabinet members and staffers are being blackballed at the revolving door. Principal Counsel Michael Beller, top lawyer for PBS, a network funded with out tax dollars, had to step down after he was caught laughing about Homeland Security locking up every Republican voter and sending their children to re-education camps, where “they’ll watch Sesame Street all day,” saying “it’ll be great.” ABC News called for supporters of the MAGA movement to be “cleansed,” and then quietly revised their headline after well-warranted outcry. Joy Reid compared Trump to Saddam Hussein and asked if the Republican Party could undergo a “de-baathification”. In order to silence their opposition, they are attempting to scare an entire political party, and all of their constituents, to death, purely for the crime of supporting their President. Regardless of partisan leanings, every American should be absolutely horrified by all of this.

Our God-given, inalienable rights don’t have a “but Trump” clause, no matter how The Epstein Party’s propagandists try to convince their dwindling audience that it is so. Our “elected” representatives are not supposed to be empowered to sell us to China, or join in some globalist Great Reset pact without any public debate, or mandate face coverings and vaccines without our informed consent, or usurp our constitutional protections on any pretext, for any reason. And yet, here we are. 😔

Information, Elections and COVID 1984

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