Make America Great Again

Did Operation Enduring Freedom endure longer than our value for freedom and democracy? America has lost its bearings, and with it, our moral high ground. It is time to return to reason, and regain what we have lost - before it is lost forever.

The USA has fallen. This is not a drill. REPEAT: The USA has fallen.

Six years ago, Donald Trump promised to Make America Great Again. He offered an outsider’s POV to a world of people alienated from the ruling class, and from his gold-plated toilet, titillated and infuriated the Twitterverse. As far as politicians go, Trump seemed like he was honest. Maybe a little too honest, sometimes. Arrogant, unapologetically bigoted and brash, he represented a change from the tight-lipped, focus-grouped politicians the American people had grown weary of over decades of dynasty rule and rule-by-proxy. He even promised to bring accountability to the untouchables in our overtly corrupt intelligence agencies, overhaul the entire justice system, lock her up.

#LockHerUp was about a lot more than Hillary Clinton – it was about a reckoning for the ruling class. Let them be held to the same standards they have imposed upon all of us. Let them be subject of the same kind of scrutiny, for once, that we have to endure every time we get pulled over by the police or file our taxes. Justice is supposed to be blind – let her start acting like it!

The American people are sick to death of the partisan politics, incompetent incrementalism and illegal wars in our name. We are weary of the bullshit, and so tired of seeing our sacrifices used to cause others around the world to suffer. “Make America Great Again” was supposed to be about ending the imperialist, globalist wet dream of world domination and focus instead here at home, to spend less money on bombers and drones and more on infrastructure and education, social programs and general betterment of our own backyard. After decades of Clinton, W, Obama/Clinton, anyone with such a rallying cry would be a clear and present danger to the ticks and leeches who have perpetuated illegal wars abroad in our name while secretly spying on every American. They should have squashed Trump like a bug. But they didn’t.

Instead, they told the press to take him seriously and plotted to “force all Republican candidates to lock themselves into extreme conservative positions,” saying they didn’t “want to marginalize more extreme candidates, but use them as a cudgel” to drive more moderate candidates ever further to the right, forcing them to take positions “unpalatable to a majority of the electorate.” They did this while courting BLM and pandering to extremist liberal fringe, with the media in their pocket, staging interviews with loaded questions on behalf of the DNC, driving this weird narrative that Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump were both misogynistic racists at odds with American values, and so of course, the evil witch that no one ever liked was the only one who could save America. Like anyone believed that.

So America rolled the dice and went with the devil we didn’t know, and what do you know, he was in bed with the devil we did. We just aren’t sure if it was consensual.

Hearts and Minds

After 9/11, we had the world at our back. The outpouring of sympathy and goodwill from the world at large was palpable. We could have used that moment to unite the world to achieve incredible things. If these bastards wanted a Great Reset, they could have had it then just for the asking. But then, in the year 2001, they didn’t have the technology refined to the point it could effectively enslave us all.

No, rather than embrace the world in reciprocal goodwill, a few malicious actors at the heart of what many now call the “Deep State” crafted a plot to exploit this moment in order to achieve a long coveted milestone: the dissolution and acquisition of a few select sovereign governments across the Middle East. Despite the fact that Iraq posed to logistical threat to the US, we hit them with a barrage of artillery. Iraq was just the start, though. Soon we would be bombing our way through Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and sometimes Iran.

Now we may not agree with the way of life of oppressive fundamentalist societies, and we certainly don’t condone the human rights abuses that go along with strict adherence to their traditions, but as Americans, we take a very ‘live and let live’ approach to life, even when it comes to ‘live and let die.’ If they want to relegate their society to the dark ages, let them have it. The idea of “freedom” means, fundamentally, being free to subscribe to whatever belief system you want. Freedom of religion and worship is literally enshrined in our constitution. It’s as fundamental to the American experience as a foundation is to a house.

Yet, for some reason, after 9/11 our “elected” leaders decided it was imperative that we “spread freedom and democracy” to the Islamic world, at the barrel of a MOAB. Also something about aluminum tubes, and the smoking gun coming in the form of a mushroom cloud if we didn’t. A month after the towers came down of 9/11, to the tune of massive protests across the world (goodwill squandered), W launched Operation Enduring Freedom.

Happy Anniversary?

We’re coming up on our twenty year anniversary now. Twenty years of pointless, illegal war in our name, without congressional authorization. Twenty years of spying on everyone in the world, especially our own citizens. Twenty years of relentless carpetbombing and propping up puppet figureheads to lead facade governments we’ve installed. Twenty years of force-feeding prisoners rectal hummus at Guantanamo Bay. Twenty years of telling our sons and daughters to ignore the screams of little boys as they are brutally raped, as is the custom of the fundamentalist sect we’ve been fostering “to fight the bad guys.” Because of course, we’re the good guys. Right?

War is always complicated and never pretty. But the way these illegal wars have been fought, from their inception as a twinkle in George H. W. Bush’s beady little eyes to their illegitimate launch as some kind of half-cocked revenge for 9/11, to the cut-and-run conquest at the hands of bearded bandits from two hundred years ago on full display for all the world to see the fruits of our folly, has been clearly wrong this entire time. We never should have started this war, we never should have stayed in this war, and after twenty years of sustaining an uneasy illusion of peace and inviting families to make their homes within a simmering hellscape, we should never be running away with our tails between our legs and leaving our allies to suffer and die.

But that’s exactly what we appear to be doing. Just as we washed our hands of Taiwan, we’re washing our hands of the dirty business of Afghanistan. And what are we leaving in our wake? Billions – possibly trillions of dollars worth of sensitive advanced military equipment. Black Hawks, fighter jets, tanks, Humvees, drones, a cache of weapons that could – and will – sustain a small army, and, for some reason, millions and millions of dollars in crisp hundred dollar bills on pallets. Speaking of small armies, Joe Biden was just boasting about a week ago that we’ve trained an army of 300,000 men in Afghanistan, and it is for that reason that what we’re watching play out now could never happen. After all, Joe Biden chided, they only have 75,000 fighters. They’re outnumbered three to one! They can’t win!

Only they’re not fighting an unjust war on false pretenses, like we have been for twenty years. They are defending their homeland and their sacred traditions. They are defending their right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, just as our founders did two hundred years ago (and like our founders, they haven’t yet figured out that all men, and women, are created equal). They are reclaiming what we took from them, and re-establishing what we destroyed. They are on their turf, on the ancestral ground of their families, fighting the ancient battles they’ve been fighting for two thousand-plus years. They know their God, and they know who they are.

After twenty years of Operation Enduring Freedom, can we say the same?

Has our value for freedom endured over the course of this twenty years?

A Chinese Version of Freedom

Over the last year, we’ve witnessed Big Tech working with political agencies to curtail American freedoms in ways we couldn’t have imagined prior to the COVID crisis. We’ve seen blue-check pundits and celebrity personalities begging the curators to silence those they disagree with on grounds of “inciting hate” or “spreading dangerous misinformation.” We’ve listened to both sides disparage political protest and champion the persecution of activists. We’ve seen journalists held for years on frivolous charges while governments that enshrine freedom of the press in their charters attempt to prosecute them for exposing war crimes. And we’ve watched in horror as our formerly free press lays groundwork to implement “a Chinese version of freedom” in America, on the dubious basis that they managed the fallout from the virus they created better than Western nations like ours, that funded it.

Worse than watching US propaganda favoring the dissolution of our inalienable rights, we’ve seen anonymous online accounts purporting to be our friends and neighbors cheering our descent into a draconian wasteland of restricted thought with wild abandon. Social media accounts sporting preferred pronouns alongside BLM flair and blue wave emojis in their bios, casually musing about exactly how the unvaccinated should be made to suffer for declining to participate in The Great Experiment. These NWO shills certainly don’t seem to have any value for freedom.

We like to hope that much of this drumbeat to reverse the course of human rights progress in the Western world is the product of paid speech and propaganda puppeted by profiteers, but how many of these voices are those of the hopelessly demoralized? How many Americans are actually willing to blindly accept the WEF vision of utopia driven by totalitarian control over every aspect of our lives? The fact that we even have to wonder about this is a testament to the erosion of our fundamental values. Whether it’s mostly originating from propaganda, or “organically” from the propagandized, the impetus to abandon Western freedoms in favor of fascistic domination has been nurtured in America, and could set us on a course to suicide nets and techno-servitude if it is not overcome by a truly organic consensus.

But how can Americans achieve a consensus, in an environment of pervasive, suffocating censorship, and under a constant onslaught of propaganda engineered to manipulate people at a subconscious level? When every institution has been infiltrated by corrupt traitors who would just as soon America go the way of Rome, falling while our “elected” leaders fiddle the sacrifices of those who fought and died for our freedoms away? When some people have allowed themselves to become so polarized by this propaganda that they shun the sight of the American flag, when Olympians sneer at the national anthem, or take a knee in shame while they represent us to the world?

An Open and Inclusive Islamic State

Our representatives are so enamored by this concept of equity-by-quota, we went into Afghanistan – a country where women are largely perceived as chattel – and installed a parliament with a mandatory 10% female contingency. How’d that work out for us – and for them? And how much do really believe in these values that we are hoisting on the world? How much does our leadership value diversity and multiculturalism for its own sake, when the going gets tough?

Now, as we abandon our allies around the world, we are sure to spare those we really care about. When we put our money where our mouth is, where is our value for diversity? When you look at the pictures that follow, do you notice anything missing?

The world was just rocked by these scenes from the airport in Kabul.

First, we saw thousands of fleeing people converge on the airport. Soon, there appeared to be human stampedes as desperate people scrambled to escape random automatic gunfire. 

There were images of the aftermath of the chaos, as bodies littered the ground. There were scenes of people swarming the tarmac and clinging to terminal stairways like ants escaping a burning nest. And then, there was this:

This was soon followed by nightmarish footage of bodies dropping from the plane as it ascended into the sky, and this horrific clip of a man’s body flapping in the wind as it was trapped in the plane’s landing gear.

Watching all of this play out as these ghastly images drip-drip-dripped through the faucet of social media, to be picked up and replayed over and over again by mainstream “news” outlets, was evocative of watching the planes hit the towers twenty years ago, only after twenty years, we’ve been so desensitized to the horrors of war, the shock and awe just isn’t there. Somehow, as mortifying as all of this is to see, it’s not surprising. In fact, after the nonstop shitshow of this illegal war from start to finish, it almost seems as if it couldn’t have ended any other way.

And as a few lucky allies manage to escape certain torture and beheading at the hands of the new Islamic Emirate, this bizarre inversion of 9/11 played out, and all we have wrought in the names of those who were sacrificed on that day was encapsulated in images of our haphazard exodus from Afghanistan. Operation Ensuring Freedom could not endure, and so, nor can our freedoms. These iconic images of the failed US policy of interventionism will be emblazoned forever on the consciousness of humanity. Already, China is using our abandonment of our allies to warn Taiwan that they should succumb to totalitarian communist Chinese rule without a fight, because they cannot rely on America to save them. In an overt display of intimidation, China staged drills near Taiwan within a day of issuing this statement, citing “provocations.”

History will likely show that this was the moment that China stepped into the dominant role as the world’s #1 superpower. America has shown that it cannot be trusted to act as Team America: World Police. Our governance during the pandemic crisis has shown that we cannot be relied on to show clear leadership and effective guidance during a public health crisis. And our leadership is gleefully renouncing our founders, undermining our founding documents, and championing Marxist equity, race-based discrimination and creation of ever more protected classes that become effectively untouchable, their harmful ideologies unable to be addressed in the public square because any opposition to the new value system can be branded “hate speech,” or harmful, and suppressed. “Cancel culture” is the first slippery slide down the slope towards a new Stasi: crowdsourced gatekeeping will lead to a society of polite informants, just performing their civic duty. And if they “forget,” COVID protocols are creating new infrastructure to remind them.

We'll Get You Through Your Children

In 1958, beat poet Allen Ginsberg shouted “We’ll get you through your children!” in a heated debate with Norman Podhoretz, letting slip a strategy that has been incredibly successful, apparently. Earlier this year, a gay men’s chorus hearkened to Ginsberg’s promise, when they produced a video vowing to “convert your children.” The group, which has been running youth outreach programs in public schools since at least 2018, was prompted to memory-hole the video after it attracted attention from concerned parents (or right-wing extremists, depending on who’s reporting) who were horrified to learn that the men who produced the video also put on a play set in Afghanistan that appeared to sanction child rape – a play in which one of the main characters is “stewing over the broken promises of the lately ended American intervention in his country.” It didn’t help matters that many of the men in the chorus allegedly had criminal records for various crimes involving sexually assaulting minors. Of course, fact-checkers say all of this was just taken out of context by homophobes.

American interventionism is imperialism on its face, and imperialism has no place in modern society. The ease with which we have rushed to impose our loose morals on other societies through acts of overt war and covert subversion has made the US an easy target for those among us who want to feel they are in the moral right – especially those who are practicing predatory behavior that is objectively morally wrong. The failed interventions dreamed up by Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, and the intel agencies that made it all possible, have made life easier for extremist recruiters and groomers. If we were in the moral right, after all, we wouldn’t be spreading suffering marketed as “freedom and democracy” all around the world.

Self-loathing among Americans has been so contagious, and exponentially so in the post-Trump era, that expressing love for this country is perceived by some people as hate speech. They are repulsed by the sight of an American flag, because to them, it only represents hypocrisy and lies. It’s heartbreaking to admit it, but they aren’t entirely wrong. The American dream has been sullied by hypocrisy, through the incomprehensible policies of a few unelected assholes.

What Klaus and his globalist stakeholders are attempting to do is hyperimperialism dressed up with bows and ribbons. It’s genocide cloaked in emotional words, driven by fear of the future. They have long since gotten to our children, convincing them that the world would be a better place without them, that humanity is a virus eating away at the world. The resulting “let it burn” generation is coming of age, having been offered nothing to believe in, least of all themselves. Their minds have been polluted with nonsense aimed at confusing all instinctual drives, their sense of self-worth muddled with participation trophies

Our children are being trained to live their lives unmasked on social media platforms like Chinese-owned TikTok, documenting the mundane details of their existence for all the world to see, and casting judgment on each other accordingly. If any of the “influencers” steps out of line or fails to parrot the preordained narrative, their personal details, their DMs, their purchase history, their vlogs – all of this will be used against them in the court of public opinion. You can be a sympathetic character and ride the upvotes to internet notoriety, or you can cast yourself as a villain and encourage the haters to hate. But if you fall out of favor, you will be cancelled as quickly as a stolen credit card. And if you challenge the basic tenets of the New Religion: climate change, COVID misinformation sanctioned by “official sources,” mRNA ‘vaccines’ as techno-savior, pro-abortionism and anti-woman rhetoric masquerading as inclusivity, elevating some lives above others in the name of equity, or the dissolution of the nuclear family and the society that fostered it, you may even be deplatformed from life. Everything from your finances to your family can and will be disrupted. Everyone you know is a liability that could betray you to the state. Everything you say that deviates from “approved sources” can be deemed “misinformation,” and even quoting approved sources could be a strike on your record, if it doesn’t reflect favorably on them.

Our children are being trained to live their lives masked, silent and alone in real life, under threat of cruel and unusual punishment. The Great Experiment isn’t just about submission to a scantily tested injection – it’s also about training the survivors of this apocalypse to know their new place in the new New World.

As we exit Operation Enduring Freedom, it appears that freedom has not endured in the West as well as the Taliban has endured in the Middle East. Not only did America fail to bring Western freedom and democracy to the Islamic world, our departure – and the way in which we are departing – is a rebuke of any attempt to do so, a self-own that will go down with infamy and paint US efforts with extreme derision for decades to come. On top of that, we have not even be able to maintain our value for freedom and democracy here at home. The up-and-coming generations have no concept of what it means to value privacy and autonomy, for they have never known these concepts outside of a bathroom stall. American companies and institutions implement policies that fly in the face of traditional American values, and are encouraged, sometimes even compensated to do so, by the US government. The White House dictates that anyone who shares information that conflicts with the intel they deign to share with us should be silenced and deplatformed, even as our intel agencies have shown themselves to be fallible, at best, or criminally inept, or corrupt traitors to this nation at worst. This is self-evident looking at the ruination of Afghanistan, and everything that led up to this moment since, and even before, the Twin Towers fell.

This has been the public stoning of America, with a bit of self-flagellation thrown in for good measure. We are mocked by the Taliban and our detractors, mocked openly and unabashedly for our failed and tragic strategies by our enemies, and getting a hearty side-eye monkey from our allies as they wonder if they will be well served by their allegiances. 

And when our leaders are forced to answer for what they have wrought, they double-down on their laughable failures, saying that the incoming Taliban government must be “inclusive,” and must “include women,” as if we are in any position to be making demands. Interestingly, that happens to echo China’s messaging from their embassy that they want the world to know is still safely operating in Afghanistan: the CCP hopes that the incoming Islamic Emirate will be “open and inclusive.” Lucky for us, and for China, if we can still make a distinction there – that is just what the Taliban promises to deliver: an “open and inclusive” government. What a fortuitous confluence of messaging. “Of course,” Taliban spokesman reports, “women will observe the hijab.”

Where Are The Children?

Oh, right, women. Because of course, women’s rights are so very important to us, we can hardly bear the thought of thousands of women – women raised to know American freedoms like feeling the air on your face or reading a book on a sunny day – being blanketed with traditional fundamentalist head-coverings and plunged into the dark world of forced marriages and sexual servitude. We cannot stomach the thought of such things – and yet – if we check in on flights out of Kabul International, we find the lucky few who managed to board flights away from this certain fate fail to fill our diversity quotas. Reams of footage from the retaking of Kabul by Islamic militants. People ripped from their homes and beheaded in the streets. Kids casually shot in the head for flying an Afghani flag as they rode down the street on a bike. Thousands of refugees piling onto airplanes seeking any escape, even if it means clinging to the hull at 20,000 feet. And where, in any of this footage, are the women and children? 

Biden’s administration is reportedly working to waive protocol in order to import tens of thousands of these people to a city near you, while leaving tens of thousands of Americans stranded in Taliban country. I don’t see us ferrying out planeloads of women and children, sparing them from a life living under the monsters we’ve created with our preposterous policies. I don’t see ten percent women on these planes – I don’t even see one percent women in most of these images. These men appear to be abandoning their families, their harems, their chattel, and boarding a flight to find refuge in a country that set out to destroy them twenty years ago. Biden is reportedly waiving Visa and other immigration prerequisites to save these men, importing them to a city near you and me. But we graciously left the women behind, presumably thinking they would immediately assume figurehead leadership positions within the new Islamic state that we’ve effectively created, and definitely not to be chained to a bed somewhere and forced to provide relief to pent up fundamentalists.

And may God save the children, because we clearly don’t plan to.

Full Circle For Nothing

Twenty years ago, Joe Biden stood on the Senate floor and proclaimed “I do not believe this is a rush to war, I believe it is a march to peace and security… This is not a blank check for the use of force against Iraq for any reason… our core objective is disarmament… Does anybody in this body think the President of the United States would risk American forces, and, in a very crass sense, his presidency, by going in unilaterally… I think that is a fiction.” Biden belligerently affirms “the right of every nation to act preventatively,” quoting Kissinger asserting that the US “has a special obligation to justify its actions by principals that transcend the assertion of preponderance of power.” Biden says “Kissinger was right!” and launches into a laundry list of “what ifs” regarding the precedent we are setting for nations like China. Then he summarily dismisses all of these concerns, arguing that we are not acting preemptively, we are only honoring our obligation to disarmament under UN law, because remember – this whole operation was built of the false premise that Iraq was stockpiling “weapons of mass-destruction.”

After floating the idea of speaking about the clusterfuck in Afghanistan “within the next few days,” Joe Biden surprised the press corps by showing up to read a pre-written speech from a teleprompter. Stumbling over his words as he struggled to read the screen, Joe Biden added insult to the injury suffered by the people of Afghanistan by blaming them for the fall of Kabul. “We cannot fight for them if they are not willing to fight for themselves,” he said, after leaving them to die on the tarmac. Of course he made the right decision and he’d do it all over again, because he wanted to spare the next president another decade or two of the shitshow that came of his “march to peace and security.” As quickly as he muddled through his middling speech, he fled the room faster than a puppet ruler fleeing Afghanistan carrying bags brimming with cash, without taking a single question from the squawking press. In a follow-up interview, when asked about people falling from the planes, Biden mistakenly dismissed it as having happened “four or five days ago,” as if it were old news. It was two days ago, and passage of times doesn’t seem to make it any less abominable.

Kamala Heiress must not be given a pass here, either. She was proud to claim credit for making this decision as “the last person in the room” with the doddering old man before he cemented the decision to cut-and-run from Operation Enduring Freedom. She claimed to have played a ‘key role‘ in making the call. As Afghanistan fell to the Taliban and our allies were falling to the tarmac, Kamala was tweeting about the imperative to get vaccinated “to protect your family and friends,” even though it’s pretty clear by now that getting vaccinated doesn’t protect anybody – especially against new variants like Delta, which is reportedly becoming 100% dominant in the US.

It is clear to most Americans that Joe Biden is not competent to lead a boy scout troop, still yet a fractured nation at war. Biden is worse than a Manchurian candidate – he’s Weekend at Bernie’s, propped up by those who seized power with a “fortified” election – people who themselves are propped up by dark money originating from shrouded entities. He mouths the words that are written for him, no longer even remembering how he lobbied us into this illegal war twenty years ago. He cannot take responsibility for what has transpired in Afghanistan any more than an infant can take responsibility for spilling the milk. His presidency is a blessing in disguise, for it betrays the Executive branch, and our entire system of checks and balances as obsolete relics of democracy past. It exposes the rampant corruption that has enabled know-nothings to weasel their way through the motions, while shadowy figures in smoke-filled backrooms decide our fate. All of this is repugnant to the constitution and all that we stand for. We must make it clear that we will stand for it no longer, through millions of small acts of peaceful non-compliance.

“Operation Enduring Freedom,” started with Biden’s explicitly stated goal of disarmament, ends with Biden leaving fully stocked military bases, stockpiles of weapons, heavy artillery, ammo for days, drones, and only God knows what other weapons of mass-destruction, to be used by our enemies or sold to terrorists or nations capable of reverse-engineering our coveted technology, will be littering the black market, or used to terrorize their own people, or the people neighboring nations – some of that weaponry could even be used to terrorize Americans on US soil. Saddam didn’t have weapons of mass-destruction, the Taliban had little more than sticks and rocks when we picked this fight with them nearly a century ago. Now they have the full might and power of the US military: equipment, training, military secrets, and a pretty justifiable grudge. Now they have the clout of a people that defeated the USA in a protracted battle, going so far as to order US troops to evacuate the country by 9/11, but promising not to murder the stragglers in the streets – for now. CNN and MSNBC are doing PR for the Taliban, just as they’ve been doing for China for the last several years. “They’re chanting ‘Death to America,’ but they seem friendly!”

A Mostly Peaceful Process

And to put a perfect capstone on this whole charade, the media even recycled their favorite line from the summer of antifa riots in 2020, claiming that – despite all the evidence of your eyes and ears, what we just witnessed in Afghanistan was actually a “relatively peaceful, if you like, process,” just like burning down entire neighborhoods in the name of BLM were just a series of “mostly peaceful protests.” These are the same propagandists who still maintain to this day that the unruly protest that got out of hand on 1/6 was an “insurrection.” Actual insurrectionists though, ripping people from their homes and murdering them in the street – they’re “relatively peaceful”. The doublespeak is dumbfounding — and hopefully, for those blinded by MSM-driven psychosis, illuminating.

At the end of this staggering clip, MSNBC spokespuppet Mehdi Hasan refers to what we just watched as a “transfer of power, if you call it that…”

In a world that made any sense, it would be self-evident to most, if not all people, that all of the characters in this sick screenplay have jumped the shark. MSM would be called out for acting as the intermediaries of a hostile takeover, and investigated for providing aid and comfort to our enemies. Corrupt influences in government, now completely exposed for what they are, would resign and retreat forever from the public eye, counting their blessings along with the millions of dollars they managed to pilfer by way of their positions, at the peoples’ expense. Klaus and his stakeholders would shrink into their bunkers and pass the torch of aspirant world domination to their progeny, to take it up again in another hundred years, and the people would put a stop to The Great Experiment, first by eradicating the virus with prophylaxis and then by educating themselves and each other about the real world evidence of the impacts of endless boosters from a leaky vaccine.

We are not yet China. The international government has not managed to solidify its tendrils around us. Operation Lockstep could go the way of Operation Enduring Freedom, just as easily as the Taliban just purged our influence from its land, almost overnight.

Where Did Our Moral High Ground Go?

When the Taliban was asked about free speech, their spokesman had a quick comeback at the ready:

He’s not wrong. How can we claim moral superiority on the basis that we enshrine freedom of speech and freedom of the press in our constitution, when US tech companies lord over our civic discourse with an iron fist, silencing all dissent? Twitter deplatformed a sitting president, but the Taliban has free reign on the platform. How can we look down our noses at nations that persecute journalists, so long as Julian Assange languishes in a Belmarsh prison on trumped-up charges, and our “free press” terrorizes and gaslights us with propaganda? We can try, but it doesn’t hold up under the slightest bit of scrutiny.  How can we boast about having a free society while forcing some businesses to shutter while allowing others to flourish, at the arbitrary discretion of unelected bureaucrats? 

We can’t even make hay about the forced masking of women, as many US states mandate their citizens wear masks and keep their faces covered whenever they stray from their houses. Some officials even issued guidance to wear masks at home. Even the strictest Muslim fundamentalists allow their women to remove their face coverings at home.

Many Americans don’t even feel free to engage in peaceful protest after watching the orchestrated riots staged by BLM/antifa and then witnessing what happened on 1/6. It’s been over half a year since that dreadful day and we still don’t have a clear picture of what happened or how it all went so wrong, but many patriots feel as if their protest was infiltrated by the same operatives that left cities smoldering in the wake of the 2020 riots. How can we engage in peaceful protest, when any gathering may be infiltrated by agitators and used to justify putting everyone on do-not-fly lists, freezing bank accounts, and ensuring that protesters will ‘never work in this town again’? When cancel culture SJWs make it their life’s mission to ensure people with opinions that differ from theirs can’t find gainful employment anywhere?

How did things go so wrong?

Know Thyself

As Americans, we need to ask ourselves some difficult questions. The answers should determine our course forward. Do we value freedom? Do we value the truth? Do we value robust, wide-open debate about issues that shape the course of our future? Do we value the sanctity of human life? Do we value the right of different cultures to practice their religion and adhere to their own belief systems, no matter how backwards it seems to us? Where is the line between cultural rights and the right to participate in traditional cultural affairs, and human rights as we understand them? Are we so confident that our concept of inalienable human rights is the one and only correct one, that we are willing to force it on other societies? Are we capable of reinforcing our values, even here at home? Are the freedoms that our forefathers fought and died to secure for us worth fighting for today?

Thomas Jefferson wrote:

Our new constitution, of which you speak also, has succeeded beyond what I apprehended it would have done. I did not at first believe that 11. states out of 13. would have consented to a plan consolidating them so much into one. A change in their dispositions, which had taken place since I left them, had rendered this consolidation necessary, that is to say, had called for a federal government which could walk upon it’s own legs, without leaning for support on the state legislatures. A sense of this necessity, and a submission to it, is to me a new and consolatory proof that wherever the people are well informed they can be trusted with their own government; that whenever things get so far wrong as to attract their notice, they may be relied on to set them to rights.

Are we well enough informed to have noticed that things are so far wrong? Can we be trusted to set things right, as our founders envisioned we would? Or will we lay down like the Afghanistan army and run away, hoping to hide out til it’s safe to emerge? Will it ever be safe to emerge, if we do? How can we hope to set things right, when everything has gone so wrong?

Six years ago, we opted to bring accountability to the ruling class. Unfortunately, our champion was either ineffectual, inept, or corrupt himself, and couldn’t deliver. When Trump accused our intel agencies and some corrupt officials of treason, he was not wrong. Those malevolent influences – from the architects of 9/11 to the engineers of the endless illegal wars that followed, have been squandering our tax dollars and sullying our name for too long. Now they have forsaken any semblance of adherence to the fundamental tenets of our constitution, arrogant, belligerent, and completely secure in their impunity. The apparatus that has grown out of the bowels of the Deep State is malfunctioning, mad with power, blinded by greed, tormented by crippling fear and anxiety. Like those who seek to manipulate us are fond of saying lately, we must seize the narrow window of opportunity presented by this crisis.

Right now, we have a brief, but powerful window to shake the tree of liberty. For though it has been watered with the blood of patriots before, now it is heavy with the spoilt fruits of failure. Every man and woman in this country should be vehemently demanding overhauls of our federal agencies, a complete cleaning of house at CIA and FBI, and a reckoning for every party responsible for the tragedy unfolding in Afghanistan. If we want America to be great, we need to hold these people to account, or they will have no reason not to lead our children into another quagmire.

It’s really as simple as that. Accountability. A functioning DOJ. Capable intelligence agencies working in our best interests. Prosecution of those who have actively subverted US interests in favor of our rivals. Firings of those who are determined to have failed out of sheer incompetence. Hiring fresh faces from outside the bubble, untainted by this rash of overt corruption. It would be common sense to a purge everyone who had a hand in this Afghanistan debacle at this point. But can we even have faith that an investigation into this would bear any fruit?

The Biden-Heiress administration just learned a hard lesson, having attempted to steal a nation from under its people, and having failed. You can’t just steal a country.

He and Kamala Heiress have attempted to precircumvent any attempt that Americans might make to reassert the power of the people by effectively criminalizing any opposition to their pretense of power while crippling the entire electoral process from the debate stage to the ballot box. He and Kamala have been parroting the language of our enemies, disparaging US citizens, pandering to a tiny minority of their microscopic base and stakeholders abroad, because they believe they have a lock on what they’ve taken from us. This wouldn’t be the first time these people have miscalculated.

Or Forever Hold Your Peace

It’s already nearing the end of 2021. We need to organize something to completely upset their plans. Something completely out of left field. Whether that be a third party, or a NONE OF THE ABOVE movement, or a mass-recall, we all need to rise up and assert our power. We have to overcome a corrupt voting system, mail-in ballots, and machines that flip votes. We can do that if everyone who usually watches from the sidelines steps up to bat.

These people have been sticking a finger in our eye, taunting us at every turn, mocking and slandering all that is holy. For whatever reason, they want a physical fight. They want something they can blow out of proportion like their “insurrection.” Especially after what just played out in Afghanistan, they would love nothing more. Blessedly, it seems the American people are smarter than that. Although those who are supposed to represent us have lost sight of American values, we remember what they are, and we hold fast to them. Truth, justice, liberty for all, and freedom. These are our strengths, and this is our power. When we lose sight of these values, as we can plainly see, America is lost.

We must stay true. 

We must ensure liberty—and justice—for all.

We must protect our freedoms.

These are the things we value most as Americans, and we don’t need a fact-checker to validate that for us.

The hypocrisy of the ruling class has led them astray, and now it should lead them right on out the door, and don’t let it hit you on the way out.

America has been defeated. Now two things can happen. We can become China, or we can become America again. All we have to do to achieve the latter is adhere to the rule of law, see that it is applied blindly to each according to the law, and quit allowing “important people” to slide. If black men are still sitting in prison for a crack rock they sold decades ago, and Hunter Biden smokes crack on video with impunity, justice is broken, not blind. If our assets have been exposed sleeping with Chinese spies and continue to serve on secretive intel boards, justice is stupid, not dumb.

In response to the catastrophe in Afghanistan, Trump issued this statement:

What took place yesterday in Afghanistan made our withdrawal from Vietnam look like child’s play. Perhaps in World history, there has never been a withdrawal operation that has been handled so disastrously. A President who has been illegitimately elected has brought great shame, in many ways, to our Country!

What’s worse, a president who steals a country, only to ruin it within a span of months, or a president who allowed him to? Obviously, the Executive has been weakened to the point of obsolescence, if the elected leader of the free world cannot even prosecute traitors, or ensure a free and fair election when we all saw it being rigged months in advance with mail-in ballot measures that flout all manner of electoral security. The USA appears to have been running on auto-pilot since Obama flew away to Martha’s Vineyard, seeded by unelected assets that pull the levers of authority from behind a cascade of obfuscation. The people must pull back the curtain and expose them to the light of day.

The founders secured everything we need to have a government of, by, and for the people. It’s our fault it’s gone so far astray – our only obligation was to remain educated and informed, and participate in the political process by performing our civic duty and getting off our asses to go vote. We can have that again. Educate yourself, so you can educate your neighbors. Turn away from all MSM. Remain informed. Read past the headlines, between the lines, and get to know a credible source from a propagandist. Communicate with your peers locally. Spread the word – it does not have to be like this! If we value freedom and democracy, we need to demonstrate that, now more than ever. It is not hopeless, so long as we know who we are. 

It’s true that we do not have much time left, but we can still win this war.


Our unwillingness to head past the headline is killing civil society, but okay. Malicious and powerful forces exploited the most visceral tragedy in modern history to usurp American freedoms while promising to “spread freedom and democracy” in our name abroad. We squandered twenty years of blood and treasure on false pretenses that Iraq and Afghanistan attacked us, and that they had weapons of mass-destruction to inflict further damage, none of which turned out to be remotely true. In the course of Operation Enduring Freedom, we lost sight of our values, becoming all of the things we claimed to abhor. Now American hypocrisy has been laid bare for all the world to see. If Western culture and values are to endure, it will because we seized this moment to reassert all the things that we truly value. If we fail to rise to this occasion, China will dominate the world as the eminent superpower, and all nations will be forced to adapt to a very different way of life. Chinese-style freedom is no freedom at all. Stand up and speak now, or you will hold your peace, in a state of perpetual boot-on-face, forever.


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Chelsea Belle is "Cassandra," apparently. Truth & facts in the spirit of parody. My dot com was seized for discussing cures. Branded a "conspiracy mill" by NYT. Building one rn

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