The Curators Of The World Wage War On The People

American laws and values dictate that "debate on public issues should be uninhibited, robust, and wide-open." So why are US tech companies restraining political speech, crippling the public discourse - and tightening their stranglehold on the flow of information - within weeks of an election?
After “What Happened” in 2016, the curators of the world were writhing in self-loathing for their role in facilitating an open public discourse, and vowed to never let anything like this happen again.  Evan Williams, co-founder of Twitter and creator of Medium and the guy who coined the term “blogger,” actually apologized for Twitter’s part in the DNC’s loss, lamenting “If it’s true that he wouldn’t be president if it weren’t for Twitter, then yeah, I’m sorry,” and said he “was wrong thinking that the world would be a better place if there was a platform for everyone to freely speak and exchange ideas.

Lucky for us, Evan Williams is just one guy, with no power to overrule the authority of our founding fathers… or is he?  The court has already ruled to clarify the founder’s intent on censorship and free speech. They said “Any restriction on expressive activity because of its content would completely undercut the ‘profound national commitment to the principle that debate on public issues should be uninhibited, robust, and wide-open.'”  Seems pretty cut and dry, doesn’t it?  Except the court was ruling specifically on government intervention, while private companies reserve “the right to refuse service to anyone” except people of protected classes.  But what happens when government operatives loyal to one political party wedge themselves into the revolving door and insert themselves into private companies – companies which just happen to have carved out a monopoly on facilitating the public discourse?  What protections do American citizens reserve to express themselves freely and participate openly in the political discourse, as American law and ideals dictate?

The 2016 election was manipulated, to a degree most Americans are still unaware of, but the most dangerous adversary to the American people turns out not to have been Russia, but the DNC itself.  Four years later, mainstream media has yet to report substantively on it, but BernieBros and Trump supporters alike experienced disenfranchisement on social media, at political events, and at caucuses and polling stations. For Bernie supporters, this took the form of astroturfing, rigged caucuses, purged voter rolls, hours-long lines at polling stations, media bias, outright lies, shadowbans, censorship, and being the target of some of the nastiest paid speech social media operations in internet history.  For Trump supporters, it ranged from being slandered as “a basket of deplorables,” as racists, as white supremacists, to birddogging, media bias, being suppressed on social media, being physically attacked, and being fired for their political beliefs.  Both groups would find Google search results limited to results that reflected an establishment Democrat bias.  Our free press would report substantively on none of this.

On the heels of their crushing defeat to their own Pied Piper, the DNC started quietly placing their operatives in key positions at tech companies and revising the Acceptable Use Policies of Big Tech giants.  #DNCEmails already revealed silicon valley execs working in tandem with the Democrat party, and Google has been exposed “crying in the corridors” and holding a symposium to discuss how to further manipulate results to influence the next elections.  One of their execs was even caught on candid camera talking about how she believes it’s Google’s job to ensure Trump doesn’t win the 2020 election.  Big Tech had already been working with the DNC before the 2016 election, but after it, they would officially become another branch of The Epstein Party establishment, and make no effort to hide it.

Facebook’s Policy Communications Director Andy Stone was a former Democrat staffer.  Incidentally, Facebook has assembled a team of Chinese nationals, undoubtedly very well-versed in the ways of authoritarian censorship campaigns, to monitor, moderate and police the speech of US citizens via its “Hate-Speech Engineering” department.  Chinese national Li Fei-Fei quit Google after emails leaked detailing her concerns about Project Maven (a DOD AI project using tech to assist military drones select targets from video footage) were more about public relations and less about ethics, so Twitter swooped her up and elevated her to serve on their board.  Twitter’s Head of Site Integrity is Yoel Roth, a guy clearly suffering from late-stage TDS.

And this is Vijaya Gadde, the global lead for legal, policy, and “trust and safety” at Twitter.

Over the last four years, these partisans have spent more time trying to manipulate the public discourse on their platforms to advantage “their side” than they’ve spent on improving their their products or pleasing their shareholders.  In fact, most of the “improvements” rolled out by these companies since the 2016 election have been focused on stifling political speech, engineering algorithms to ensure that their point of view would be circulated at the expense of all others – especially anything pro-Trump or worse, anti-Democrat.  The justification for these extraordinary measures?  Why, to prevent “Election Interference,” of course!

Early this year, we witnessed a coordinated effort in advance of the DNC primaries: The DNC announced they “launched a first-of-its-kind DNC program to ‘identify, report, & resolve disinformation’ online.” At the same time, Liz Warren proposed criminal penalties for people “spreading disinformation online,” and simultaneously, Twitter rolled out a new reporting tool, encouraging netizens to narc each other out for saying anything “misleading about a political election”.  Now Twitter rolls out a new reporting tool, just in time to impact the election.

An interesting policy, given that Twitter and the entire rest of silicon valley have been suppressing the truth about the 2016 election for four years, routinely promoting misinformation from establishment Democrat sources.

Which has created a paradigm as novel as the clown bug plague that hangs over us: many Americans actually believe the cretins they see on TV news, and/or they can’t parse the shit from shinola on social media, and/or they haven’t figured out that they can use alternative search engines to get more informative results than Google provides (Eighty percent of Americans use Google exclusively, and that number is even higher on mobile devices!), and these poor souls have no idea what is actually going on.  These absolute bastards who fancy themselves the curators of the world have carefully engineered an alternate universe wherein “reality has a left-wing bias,” as Jon Stewart once famously said, and The Epstein Party can do no wrong.  They still believe, even after the ludicrous claim has been debunked again and again, that Trump is “Putin’s puppet,” that Hillary Clinton really won the 2016 election but for some Russian meddling, that Trump is literally orange Hitler, and that anyone who supports him is beneath their dignity – even as they support the folks who asked him to run, told the press to “take Trump seriously,” and made it official DNC policy to “force all Republicans to lock themselves into extreme conservative positions.”  These people believe “antifa is just an idea” and “white supremacy is the most serious threat to America,” that “mostly peaceful protests” have been going on for months during an airborne plague and that that is behavior to be encouraged because “racism is a health crisis,” and that these protests are “basically a music festival” until right-wing extremists show up and spoil the fun.

This is not a benign alternate reality, this is increasingly dangerous.  During a time in America when we’re all locked inside watching clips of roving bands of kids lay waste to Democrat cities, interrupting people at dinner to scream obscenities, setting businesses on fire, and dragging people from their vehicles and beating them senseless in the street, folks with Trump signs on display are receiving threatening letters.  “You have been identified by our group as being a Trump supporter.  Your address has been added to our database as a target when we attack should Trump not concede the election,” one of these letters read, going on to advise the victim to purchase fire insurance.  Almost as soon as this story broke, the DNI announced that Russia and Iran have separately obtained US voter information, and that Iran has operatives sending threatening letters to Democrats on behalf of The Proud Boys, a right-wing boys club.  Meanwhile, China is sending thousands of drivers licenses populated with information US citizens have shared online – identification that is already being used to cast fraudulent ballots in this election.  This is all evidence of actual election interference: foreign entities attempting to infiltrate and undermine the integrity of a major US election.  But this doesn’t seem to be the kind of “election meddling” that the curators of the world are concerned with.  Which is weird, right?  Since these people have literally talked about nothing else but “Election Interference” for the last four years – when this stuff is clearly exactly that!  And isn’t this precisely what they’ve accused Russia of attempting to do in 2016? Sow divisions and foster discord to inflame tensions, especially down racial lines?

One might think, if Russia were attempting to foster divisions down racial lines in the USA in order to rile people up, as DNC operatives have alleged for the better part of five years, that perhaps wall-to-wall 27/4 coverage with the clear intent of doing exactly that would be tamped down.  Instead, 2020 has been a nonstop avalanche of racially charged stories and radical Marxist ideology masquerading as news, with all your favorite TV pundits defending, and sometimes encouraging, pandemonium in the streets – DURING AN AIRBORNE PLAGUE.  This is just a continuation of the DNC’s 2016 strategy to “force all Republicans to lock themselves into extreme conservative positions,” but if The Epstein Party persists in pushing the right to extremes to make themselves look reasonable by comparison, their next boogeyman will make all the ginned up liberal fears about the orange man pale in comparison.

When the NYPOST published the first Hunter expose, social media locked it down immediately. They appended a warning label to the tweet and to the Facebook post, disallowed people from sharing it – even privately, and suspended accounts for circulating information or images from the article. This knee-jerk response was so ham-handed, Twitter CEO @jack admitted it publicly, and Twitter revised their Acceptable Use Policy again, with just weeks to the election, and announced that the curators of the word would be appending messages to “inform” people rather than just arbitrarily ban all content that runs counter to their agenda. 

Meanwhile, the curators of the world promote the most inane, mediocre, obvious DNC propaganda, insulting the collective intelligence by passing this tripe off as #WhatsHappening “trends,” with no relief.  As if that’s not bad enough, people are noticing that Twitter is appending these “You haven’t read the article, please read before you retweet” messages to tweets containing links to GOP fundraising tools, and not to tweets containing links to ActBlue, the DNC’s fundraising tool.  If you want to donate to Democrats, the Twitter gods will gladly grant you passage unencumbered.  Want to donate to Trump?  Ha. Good luck navigating a labyrinth of unnecessary prompts to get there.  This is absolutely insane.  Where does it end?

This politicized shadowbanning, deplatforming, censorship, and “fact-checking” – Big Tech partisans and Democrat operatives working together to literally make up the rules as they go – and changing them on the fly to advantage their candidate – with just days til the most consequential election of our time, is patently un-American, and goes against everything that this nation has stood for.  But it clearly aligns with the DNC’s agenda, which just happens to align with the agenda of the Chinese Communist Party: depose Trump at any cost – even if the price we all have to pay is the end of US democracy.  Make no mistake, if Democrats and their allies succeed in cheating their way through this election like they stage their sham primaries – if the American people reward this behavior by allowing the DNC to finish what they started – we will all bear the burden of that heavy cost.


  • Chelsea Belle

    "Cassandra," apparently. Truth & facts in the spirit of parody. My dot com was seized for discussing cures. Branded a "conspiracy mill" by NYT. Building one rn

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Chelsea Belle is "Cassandra," apparently. Truth & facts in the spirit of parody. My dot com was seized for discussing cures. Branded a "conspiracy mill" by NYT. Building one rn

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