Dawn of the Day of the Dead

Pathogenic prions are misfolded proteins that act like zombies, corrupting every healthy prion they encounter and turning them into pathogenic zombie prions.

Some of the first movies that ever terrorized me as a child were Zombie movies. My mother introduced me to Night of the Living Dead when I was very young, thinking perhaps that because it was so dated, it wasn’t actually that scary, but the thought of mindless corpses walking around upright and assimilating everyone they encountered was nightmare fuel for me for years. Empowered with superhuman strength and animated by a singular occupation – satiating their ravenous hunger with the only thing that was palatable to them: the brains of the living, these were shells of people beyond any hope of salvation. Once a zombie, there is no coming back from being a zombie. 

Zombies look like people, and they walk upright like people, but the similarities end there. There is nothing redeeming about zombies. They cannot feel, they do not think, they cannot do anything but stumble around like idiots and latch onto the living, sapping them of life, consuming their brains, and in the process, turning their victims into the same walking abominations. Zombies can only consume. Anything they consume becomes tainted and zombified, so the suffering they inflict spreads exponentially. Once tainted, the only remedy for these poor creatures is the sweet release of death – but death does not come easy. The only way to stop these rambling destruction machines is by disabling the mechanism that animates them: their misfiring brain. Usually in zombie movies, a bullet to the head does the trick.

I learned today that syncytin, one of the amino acids that makes placenta possible, was a virus once. We assimilated it early in our evolution, like mitochondria. In fact, many of the things that have carved humanity from the building blocks of life were once viruses or bacteria, and like the Borg assimilates the best elements from the cultures they consume and makes those things their own, we have plucked these things from nature, picked out the most desired elements, and incorporated them into ourselves. In a way, we are an accumulation of all the viruses we have encountered on the long road to becoming human – we would not exist without them.

Welcome to the desert of the real

In The Matrix, one of the Agents torturing Morpheus whispers that the AI is trapped on this planet, tasked with managing humanity until they can be completely enslaved by the Matrix. The mere existence of the few holdouts hoping to return to Zion jeopardized the entire infrastructure of the Matrix, and the Agents could not be free until every man, woman, and child was securely buckled in to the framework of the Matrix, dutifully producing the energy that fuels the AI. Agent Smith confides to Morpheus that he longs to be free of the simulation, especially because he felt saturated by ‘that smell’ produced by biological life forms. He then reveals his personal philosophy on humanity. “I’d like to share a revelation I had during my time here,” he says. It came to me when I tried to classify your species. I realized that you’re not actually mammals. Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment, but you humans do not. You move to an area and you multiply until every natural resource is consumed. The only way you can survive is to spread to another area. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. Do you know what it is? A virus. Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet. You are a plague, and we are the cure.”

These words from a fictional AI imagined decades ago perfectly encapsulate the worldview of many “philanthropists” today, who have come to see humanity in this light – and they’re not entirely wrong. We are a collection of viruses assembled into a complex organism, and collectively, we have been known to act as a pestilence on this planet  – but one thing distinguishes us from the collection of organisms we have assembled: we have become self-aware. We have made a habit of vapid consumerism at the expense of our environment, but we are capable of evaluating our course, surveying the damage done, and aspiring to do better. Even the lowliest of viruses is compelled to propagate and preserve its species, and when it encounters an insurmountable obstacle, it can and often will evolve mechanisms to evade and overcome those obstacles. 

If we believe the hype of Inconvenient Truthers, the most pressing obstacle in the path of the survival of our species is coming to terms with the consequences of unchecked growth and unbridled materialism. Groups like the WEF have taken it upon themselves to impose the mechanisms that will ostensibly enable humanity to to survive this obstacle. This involves forming a one world government with unilateral power over every person on the planet, superseding all previously recognized allegiances, alliances, and sovereigns – and to make it possible, an international tax and digital taxes imposed on each of us. In order to ensure they are able to extract their handful of butter for every few cows, they would like to implement central bank digital currencies which will conveniently automate these deductions, while tracking our every move.

Under 500,000,000 In Balance with Nature

The problem is, there are nearly eight billion people on the planet. Dame Jane Goodall, honorary Commander of the Order of the British Empire and famous lover of lesser primates, lamented on stage at the WEF that “human population growth undermines so many of the other programs” the WEF is trying to see implemented, and wistfully muses that “all these things we talk about wouldn’t be a problem if the Earth’s population were the same as it was five hundred years ago.” Five hundred years ago, the population of this planet was about five hundred million people.

Sir David Attenborough said “All of our environmental problems become easier to solve with fewer people, and harder – and ultimately impossible – to solve with ever more people.”

William Shatner echoed these sentiments when he said “The real reason everything is happening is there’s too many people. The planet can’t sustain seven billion, let alone 10 billion. It’s such a complex problem. And nobody’s dealing with it. Nobody!” Well, Mr. Shatner will surely be relieved to learn that someone has taken it upon themselves to deal with it, although we have to wonder if he would approve of their methodology.

The “too many people problem” has been the subject of much hand-wringing among the ruling class for decades, and an obsessive focus on all the ills that humanity has wrought has permeated the civil discourse with a glib consensus: our existence is the greatest threat to this planet since the Civil War. “The messaging” in this case appears to be effective in its consistency – according to The New York Times, U.S. population over the last decade has grown at the slowest rate since 1930. In fact, most first world countries have seen an ever-decreasing birth rate over the last decades. To combat a potential “population crisis in light of falling birth rates, China is loosening up its restrictive mandates and allowing families to have up to three children. Despite this, if you ask your average young, Western woman whether she wants to have children someday, she will often respond with something like “I just feel it would be wrong to bring children into this world,” or “the planet is too overburdened with people already,” opting instead to pursue a path of vapid, materialism-driven careerism.

Despite the fact that studies have concluded that even the strictest “family planning” mandates and population control measures would be woefully inadequate to address what some scientists believe is the most pressing issue of our time, teaching women not to become “baby making machines” persists in being a central focus of Western public education.

In 1980, nine years after Klaus founded the WEF, the Georgia Guidestones, sometimes called the “American Stonehenge,” were erected in Elbert County, Georgia. In June of 1979, an anonymous stranger stopped at a little granite company and commissioned the piece – and to this day, the anonymity of this man has been protected, although some have deduced that Robert Christian Martin may have been to blame. The stones articulate a vision of what its creators refer to as “a return to the age of reason,” and these guidelines are translated into Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Mandarin, and Russian, each language inscribed on their own granite slab. Like Dame Goodall, the Guidestones prescribe that humanity be “maintained under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature”. In 1980, the world population was already about four and a half billion.

Talking about stemming population growth through family planning and education is one thing. Talking about how wonderful the world would really be if only seven point four billion people didn’t exist is another, but here is beloved iconoclast Jane Goodall on the world stage at the WEF saying exactly that, and without a hint of remorse. Things like this can easily be said at Davos, because this is the culture of the WEF. and for thirty years, this culture has been bleeding into everything we do.

Klaus founded the WEF in January 1971 with a stated mission of “improving the state of the world by engaging business, political, academic, and other leaders of society to shape global, regional, and industry agendas,” and set out to do exactly that – depending on what the definition of “improving” is. Within ten years, guided by evidence based, peer-reviewed science and bent on realizing all the visions science fiction had long warned us about, society already began changing dramatically. 

It’s now been fifty years since the founding of this ambitious organization, and their efforts are culminating around us. Fifty years of radical feminism has manifested a world in which the word “women” is offensive in its exclusivity. Fifty years of “evidence based medicine” has fostered a world in which scientists cannot be trusted to form a hypothesis from their own research. Fifty years of imperialist intervention and illegal war has bred armies of malcontents bent on tearing everything down, and finally, fifty years of swallowing their own bullshit has nurtured a parasitic class of sex-pervert socialites who fancy themselves “elites” and “philanthropists” that happen to agree with the malcontents they’ve created with their abysmal policies. They’ve done so well leading us here, they have appointed themselves almighty and are now quite deliberately leading the entire planet off a cliff. This, of course, in the interest of the betterment of the world.

L'Avenir de la Vie

This alleged quote from Jaques Attali has been circulating for some time, though Jaques disowns it:

Whether or not this is an accurate translation of Jaques’ words, and he insists it isn’t, this is what appears to be playing out right now. The believers of The Big Lie are being led to the slaughterhouses, all the while holding fast to their belief that it’s the non-believers who are facilitating their demise and the destruction of the planet.

To be clear – the English copy of his book Brief History of the Future does not contain these words – but what fact-checkers fail to acknowledge is that the original French edition of the book, L’avenir de la vie, reportedly lost a hundred and fifty pages in translation – and no digital copies of the original, or the 1981 interview where he allegedly says these things, appear to be archived anywhere online. Thus it is impossible for us to verify whether this translation in any way resembles what Jaques actually said, and unlikely that the fact-checkers were able to get their hands on the original text. For his part, Jaques claims that the above translation is “nothing close to the initial text,” which is to say, it does resemble the initial text in some way. “It’s like saying that I wrote Mein Kampf,” Jaques protested. However, we were able to find an article Jaques penned in 2009 (archived):

“History teaches us that humanity evolves significantly only when it is really afraid… (The countries of the North will have an interest in ensuring that those in the South are not sick, and they will have to ensure that the poorest have access to to drugs now stored for the richest); only a major pandemic will then raise awareness, better than any humanitarian or ecological discourse, of the need for altruism,” he says. Then, since we’ll have to appoint ourselves the World Pharmacy, “we will have to set up a global police force, a global storage and therefore a global tax system. We will then come, much faster than the sole economic reason would have allowed, to put in place the bases of a real world government.” Then he references the Black Death, saying “It was also through the hospital that the establishment of a real state began in France in the seventeenth century.”

Of course this article is being filtered through Google Translate, so perhaps Jaques would disown this text, as well.

If Jaques were willing to go out on a limb in 2009 – in the middle of the first SARS outbreak – and suggest that planning to exploit the next pandemic crisis to establish a world government is something that the masters of the universe should plan for, we’d hardly put it past him to have said the disputed quote above out loud in 1981. Either way, this man has placed himself with these writings to be among the architects of what we see playing out now: the largest wealth transfer in the history of mankind, and the biggest power grab that man has ever attempted, or witnessed.

Many people believe that this entire pandemic has been fabricated to lay the groundwork for this plan to come to fruition. To them, this seems self-evident the stated goals of these people, the Davos agenda, Klaus’ book COVID-19: The Great Reset, all the Build Back Better rhetoric, and their lived experience over the last year and a half. Some even think that the novel coronavirus itself is a hoax, just a rebranding of other diseases to manufacture the illusion of a pandemic crisis. There is so much overt, often contradictory misinformation being laid out by “official sources” and parroted by propagandists, one can hardly blame some of these folks for taking an “if I didn’t see it with my own two eyes, it didn’t happen” approach to reality – it’s the only safe bet. However, this skepticism about something as fundamental as what’s actually happening in the world is also completely detrimental to our ability to come to terms with what is happening and do anything about it in a cohesive, collective way. This seems to be part of the design – an integral part of the framework we’re being forced to navigate. A feature, rather than a bug.

Information overload, paid speech, and curated half-truths, with fact-checkers ordained with sorting the fact from the crap, and overburdened masses just wanting to make sense of it in a nutshell so they can go on about their day, make it easy for the curators to muddy the waters around anything.

Screaming Fire In A Crowded Theater

A lot of the pro-vax paid speech trolls have taken up the line, in the wake of Psaki’s comments about effectively memory-holing any COVID-19 or vaccine information that hasn’t been sanctioned by official sources, that “vaccine misinformation” isn’t protected speech for the same reason you can’t yell fire in a packed theater. They’re half right – you cannot yell fire in a theater – unless you believe it is actually on fire. In the case of the EUA mRNA “vaccines,” every direction you look there are flames lapping at our feet. The four horsemen of the vaccine apocalypse are ADE, immune escape, blood disorders, and prions – and they have all reared their heads already. We are watching a slow-moving trainwreck unfolding before our eyes, and all the while, public health officials, the select “experts” they approve of, and the press scream “All aboard!”

Conversations about whether or not getting your children vaccinated should be considered child abuse are taking place on social media, while defensive parents wonder the same of those subjecting their children to an untrialed drug that is already known to cause heart inflammation in children – especially young boys. This is the height of insanity – but not beyond the realm of the lengths these cretins are willing to go to, in their effort to subjugate all the people of the world. In Vietnam, some four thousand children have been separated from their parents, housed in “quarantine facilities” away from families of frontline workers. For their safety and for the safety of their families, of course. We cannot fathom this being done in Western nations – but if you look at the border crisis, we’ve already been separating children from their parents for some time. We’ve got “migrant detention facilities” that make the kennels and cages Trump inherited look almost humane – at least through the chain-link fences of the kennels Biden and Obama built, you could see children clinging to their parents. You can’t see much through the walls of the the Biden-Heiress repurposed shipping containers where we warehouse migrant children away from their families today.

In India, we’ve witnessed a woman forcibly held down against her will and injected while she screams in protest. The “hesitant” in India have gone as far as jumping in the river to escape vaccination drives. We like to think scenes like this could never play out in “the land of the free,” but how else do you figure malicious and powerful forces manage to pull off 100% compliance for anything, in a world so divided? Klaus is very clear with his messaging. He insists “Even as individuals, we had to take care not to infect someone else, and not to be infected. It’s the same we have to apply now on a global level. As long as not everybody is vaccinated, nobody will be safe.” 

Build Back But All Bets Are Off

Klaus defines what he’s selling not as Marxism, but what he calls ‘talentism‘. God help the talentless under his guidance. “The success of any national and business model for competitiveness in the future will be less based on capital and much more based on talent. I define this transition as moving from capitalism to talentism,” he proclaims. But the ideologies being pressed on us as our betters Build Back clearly reek of Marxism, as evidenced to the new emphasis on ‘equity,’ where we had once demanded equality. Now, rather than treating everyone equally, we are being asked to ensure “that everyone ends up in the same place,” as Kamala’s animators put it. It seems like most of what we were taught in public school twenty years ago is now being re-defined as antithetical to the American experience, even extremist in some cases. We’re now told that “being colorblind is a form of racism,” and that we’re all guilty of racism until we become what CRT proponents call a “race-traitor” – that is, a traitor to your ancestors and all that has come before you – depending on the color of your skin. If you have enough melanin, you won’t be forced to denounce your heritage. Yet.

This is a betrayal of American fundamentals. We’ve been taught about societies that discriminate on the basis of color, religion, or sexual orientation, we know the history of our own society in these regards, and we’ve long since declared these things beneath the dignity of America. We have been taught that stereotyping is wrong, racial profiling is wrong – and now we’re being told that that is wrong actually, and probably racist, depending on the color of the skin of who’s saying it. Our constitution states that “All men are created equal,” not “All men should have the same experience in life,” which are very different things. Suggesting everyone should have the same outcome in life undercuts the value of the individual experience, a concept without which we would miss out on diversity of thought. Harris’ video seems like something that might be tweeted by CCP propagandists, not an American vice presidential candidate on the eve of her election.

As we have witnessed with COVID, all bets are off – the “social contract,” if such a thing ever existed, has been torn to tatters and left to rot on the cutting room floor. Even our fundamental – what we once thought to be inalienable – human rights, are right out the window, because COVID. Whatever we thought unthinkable just a year ago, we have to consider real possibilities now. Our sovereign governments, our “elected” representatives, our courts – these bodies no longer appear to be in control of anything. The One World Government is pressing on them like a mafia boss, and calling all the shots. And for whatever sinister reason, these mRNA shots are the mechanism by which they apparently aspire to assume complete control over us. Everyone in the world must acquiesce or no one in the world will be safe – that is what they are saying – and apparently, not enough idiots have self-selected to be sacrificed. Yet.

This has prompted a pivot in the messaging from carrot to stick, as the curators struggle to manufacture consent to force people to participate in a medical experiment, contrary to all the conventions established at Nuremberg: 

Maybe, suggest the propagandists, they’ve made participation in The Great Experiment ‘a little too optional;’.

But why should every person on this planet be compelled to take an experimental gene therapy? There were vaccines for SARS and Swine Flu – why wasn’t there talk about forcing everyone to take those vaccines? What makes these “vaccines” so special, so imperative, that all of our solidly held convictions (like the right of every person to their own bodily autonomy) must be discarded to elicit compliance from every human being?

Autonomy and the Update Machine

When we first started looking into finding a cure for COVID way back in February last year, we discovered that almost anything is possible with CRISPR-like technology. In fact, CRISPR could be used to effectively replace your immune system. Your genetic code could be manipulated in such a way as to make it reliant on this technology, and dependent on “future releases” of this genetic software. We’ve referred to this as the “update machine” – and if such a thing were to be made manifest, malicious and powerful forces would never have to wield sticks and carrots again. If you fail to get your “update,” you will be vulnerable to whatever biowarfare agents they unleash on us next.

These “updates” could also be used to achieve other items on the WEF’s agenda. As soon as they are able to “get under your skin,” you can be hacked as easily as a computer running Windows without a firewall. There has been talk among these cretins of using a system like this to make people allergic to meat, for example, in order to compel people to eat lab-grown food products. They’ve even openly suggested “parents could make use of genetic engineering or hormone therapy in order to birth smaller, less resource-intensive children” to reduce our environmental impact.

It’s hard to imagine people willingly signing on to make themselves allergic to something they enjoy, or consenting to shrinking their offspring down to the size of Barbie dolls. These incredibly drastic proposals would require the absolute, unwavering compliance of every person, and in a political environment so charged a consensus cannot even be formed by scientists and doctors, across-the-board compliance would not be easily forthcoming.

Let Me Under Your Skin, Human

Like vampires, those who would seek to manipulate you need to be invited in. To be manipulated by propaganda, you have to invite the propagandists into your living room by flipping on the television or pressing play on an MSM clip. To be manipulated by paid speech, you have to dive into the murky discourse on social media. To be manipulated by gene editing technologies, you have to allow yourself to be penetrated by a needle and injected with the mRNA framework that will begin to make it all possible. After that, some “updates” could be made mandatory, by having them spread through the air like a virus. Other “updates” could be offered as optional “upgrades,” so, for example, you could pay a fee to be remade as a blonde bombshell with powder blue eyes, or to ensure your offspring would exhibit x desirable trait or be immune to y disease. The possibilities really are endless, and the “scientists” that to this point have been restrained by “ethics” and “human rights” are just chomping at the bit to make these offerings publicly available – and in some cases, requisite.

For the Public Health

Volksgesundheit was fundamental to achieving the goals of the Nazis. Without convincing the German people that “others” were polluting their gene pool with imperfect DNA, it may have been impossible for them to take their experiment as far as they managed to. While the Jewish people were the largest group exploited by the Nazis, they were not the only ones; everyone from “infants born with Down’s syndrome and other birth defects to elderly psychiatric patients judged to be ‘incurably ill'” were euthanized, “in the name of public health.” Those who perpetuated this evil emerged from the reckoning unscathed, “most of the German scientists and physicians who had helped to legitimize and implement Nazi racial-hygiene policies were not prosecuted or called to a moral accounting of any kind, and many went on with their careers.” 

This is also true of the companies that profited from and enabled the rise of the Nazi machinery. Escher-Wyss was one of those companies, but has since been incorporated into the publicly traded Sulzer, a company that was blacklisted by the Allies during WWII for refusing to agree to refuse to limit sales to the Nazis. The company has an annual revenue of over 3 billion dollars today.

From Schwab Family Values:

Eugen Schwab continued to manage the “National Socialist Model Company” for Escher-Wyss, and the Swiss company would aid the Nazi Wermacht produce significant weapons of war as well as more basic armaments. The Escher-Wyss company was a leader in large turbine technology for hydroelectric dams and power plants, but they also manufactured parts for German fighter planes. They were also intimately involved in much more sinister projects happening behind the scenes which, if completed, could have changed the outcome of World War II.

Now, just shy of a century later, Klaus Schwab has emerged, apparently to try again where his father’s efforts fell short. Carrying on the failed legacy of his father, Klaus seems to be operating from the same playbook – only this time, Klaus and his ilk feel they have all the tools necessary to pull it off. First and foremost, they’ve secured the complicity of the highest-ranking officials of every first world nation, and most other governments. Second, they have all the data. The Nazis could only have dreamed about having access to all the intimate details of every person under their authority – and most importantly, those who have evaded it. Imagine Nazis with Big Tech at their disposal. Imagine Nazis with CRISPR technology. Only looking around today, it seems we don’t have to use our imaginations.

Klaus “predicted” in 2016 that within ten years, every person on the planet would be implanted with a chip “under the skin or in the brain” that would connect them with the digital world. This seemed laughable a year ago, the fantastical sci-fi imaginings of an old man at best. Today, it seems inevitable. We will be tagged and tracked like cattle. Our intimate details, our associations, our movement and our biometrics will be subject to the scrutiny of the state. And we will be hearing a lot more about carrots and sticks, until they’ve enrolled each of us in this program.

But first they’ve got to get us down to a more manageable number.

The Final Solution 2.0

I can’t say for sure whether they planned on murdering most of the world and enslaving the survivors, or just enslaving everyone, but it’s starting to look as if they may have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams in both regards.

By suppressing the nature of the virus and muddying the implications of what that could mean, they mitigated any discussion about whether injecting the novel coronavirus spike into two billion people could have unforeseen consequences. Now that they have done that, it’s beginning to seem as if that may not have been the greatest idea. At least, if you wanted people to live happy, long, and fulfilling lives.

Unattached to the virus, this spike has been shown to accumulate in the ovaries, the testicles, and the brain. Those impacted may become infertile – not just because of the abundant spike protein in their reproductive organs, but also because of a striking resemblance to syncytin in four base pairs of amino acids within the spike – the spike that we’ve just trained the immune system to attack. We can only assume this has something to do with why so many of our unvaccinated friends are reporting irregular menstrual cycles after being near the vaxxed, although what is being transmitted and how remains a mystery.

But sterility is the least of our worries at the moment. If the spike is in fact a prion – a misfolded, zombie protein, the unfolding crisis will be the death knell for a lot more than neoliberalism. More and more evidence is coming out every day suggesting that the spike might be a pathogenic prion protein – a cellular zombie. 

The Spike Is A Zombie Prion?

A pathogenic prion protein will latch onto every healthy prion it encounters, holding it in its deadly embrace until that protein, too, becomes misfolded, and emerges as a pathogenic prion. They will continue to do this to every protein they come across, assimilating them like the Borg, corrupting every healthy prion in their path, and the effect is exponential. In addition to zombifying healthy prions, the spike is also binding platelets, which would even further accelerate progression of neurodegenerative disease.

Usually prion disease is very rare, with only about three hundred cases on average each year in the US – a one in a million disease. It manifests as Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD), also known as spongiform encephalopathy, or mad cow disease, as brain tissue is converted to zombie proteins and victims are driven slowly insane. This disease usually takes years and sometimes decades to manifest debilitating symptoms, because people are rarely exposed to more than a few of these nasty buggers at a time, and it takes time to amass a zombie hoard from just a few misfolded proteins.

However, if the spike is a deadly prion, we’ve just trained the cells of two billion human beings to pump these things out by the billions or trillions. If the spike is a prion, this is the cellular equivalent of air-dropping billions of zombies into every major city in the world, and they are working right now to assimilate their victims. 

We may be seeing this impact some people over fifty already. Older people have more PrPc – healthy, non-zombified proteins, accumulated in their brains, so the zombies have more candidates to convert. Many people – far more than you would expect if this were in fact an “extremely rare severe side effect,” have reported to us that someone they know – sometimes several people they know, have started to exhibit behavioral changes, starting a few weeks after getting their second dose of mRNA. People have been observed becoming agitated, aggressive, forgetful – and sometimes even suicidal, within a span of weeks of being injected. These were, in large part, healthy, functioning people without comorbidities before, and their loved ones are struggling to find out what’s happening to them now. In five of these cases, we have a positive RT-QuIC test proving that they are, in fact, suffering from prion disease. Clusters of these cases with one thing in common suggests to us that this horrifying disease could be about to become decidedly less rare.


It's Not Just A Flu

Some idiots who persist in believing that the clown bug plague is “just a flu” being used as pretext to undermine our rights (at least they got it half right) continue to disparage us for our dire warnings about the virus last year, while others have flippantly referred to us as “doomers,” as if we love nothing more than coming up with worst case scenarios. Perhaps we have been on high-alert since we were attacked with a bioweapon, but we don’t want to frighten anyone, and in an effort not to upset anybody without good cause, we’ve kept this one close to our chest for some time, watching and waiting for more evidence to emerge before we throw up flares and start ringing alarm bells.

With some twenty-plus anecdotal cases and a handful of RT-QuIC tests, combined with studies that are emerging about the spike’s prion nature, we think it’s time to bring this to the attention of those who know someone who may be going through this right now. There is a nasal swab test that can be done to detect CJD, and if, God forbid, it comes back positive, there are treatments available that can slow progression of the disease, effectively putting the horror movie on slow-mo. The sooner you get your loved one tested, the sooner they can be treated, the more healthy brain tissue can be preserved while researchers scramble to find a cure. Even if this turns out to be exceptionally rare, and we hope that it does, this information could help someone out there.

And if it doesn’t turn out to be rare – if two billion people may be slated to suffer mad cow disease simultaneously, it’s going to be a very rough year, and 2022 could be an entirely different world. Although there are treatments that will slow it down, there is no known cure for CJD.

Known Unknowns

We don’t even know right now whether – if the spike is a prion – if the infected and vaxxed could be spreading this scourge to the unvaccinated, like they’re spreading whatever it is causing unvaccinated women to experience irregular cycles. If that turns out to be possible, it could be a lot more than two billion. Moreover, if the spike is a prion, it could be that everyone who has had COVID has some of these zombie prions eating away at their brains right now. Many people have attributed their post-COVID brain fog to stress, or shock, or long-COVID – but what if it’s something more?

If this worst case scenario comes to pass, expect nothing less than Mad Max levels of mayhem in every major city. Hospitals will be unable to offer any solution, and will be overburdened to the point of breaking down. People will rapidly lose coherence and be unable to distinguish what is real from their hallucinations. Many will become aggressive, hostile, suspicious, while everyone around them suffers similar symptoms. Leadership will break down at all levels. Our military, largely vaccinated, could look like a scene from Jacob’s Ladder. Society’s ability to function will be crippled, and all will come to a standstill the likes of which COVID could only foreshadow. 

When a cow comes down with mad cow disease, they cull the entire herd. If it comes to a point that “most people” are afflicted with prion disease, the nuclear war Deagel predicted would be a merciful end to the suffering inflicted on this world by a universal outbreak of this psychological hell – and with those afflicted potentially having access to The Button, it’s not a stretch to suggest that’s where this could ultimately lead. 

We wonder if we aren’t already seeing the effects of prions working on the population. Aggression, discrimination, and open hostility is being fostered and promulgated by the vaxxed against those who have refused to take part in The Great Experiment, and along the same lines, racial tensions are rising. It’s as if all the old, long buried misanthropy manifested in the past as antisemitism or as bigotry against x ethnic or religious group has resurfaced, still masquerading in same tired guise of “in the name of public health,” and all of the lessons learned from the past have been discarded. To those who haven’t been caught up in the cultish fervor surrounding mass-vaccinations, it does appear as if society has become a bit unhinged already. We expect this to gradually escalate to mob-and-pitchforks levels of insanity if it is allowed to continue at its ever increasingly shrill pitch. If prions are involved – we expect pandemonium.

Everyone knows someone with Alzheimer’s disease. It is one of the cruelest maladies to ever be inflicted on man. Imagine two billion people coming down with rapid-onset Alzheimer’s all at once. That’s what we’re talking about here. And if everybody has it, who will be there to point out that someone doesn’t appear to be thinking clearly? By the time anyone notices it, who will be left that can take any action to help? And what can help?

They Knew

But official sources, health agencies and fact-checkers say the vaccine is safe for most people! Even now these entities are doing all they can to get “a jab in every arm” just as quick as they can. Surely there wouldn’t be a mad rush to inject everyone with something that could cause widespread harm.

Recently the CDC made a big show of reviewing “new evidence” about heart inflammation and came out to say that the warning labels of the EUA products would be amended to include the “extremely rare” possibility of myocarditis, especially in young boys – while simultaneously asking parents to get their kids vaccinated before the school year. FDA Documents show that the FDA was well aware of the risk of heart problems like myocarditis last year, well before they gave the green-light to mass-vaccinate the world. Interestingly, in this list of “possible adverse event outcomes,” CJD isn’t mentioned.

Interestingly, because leaked documents show that CJD was “the main theoretical risk associated” with some of the ingredients in the vaccines. These ingredients are described as “the only materials of animal origin used in the manufacturing of BNT162b2” (the Pfizer vaccine), which is weird, because I could’ve sworn that the curators had insisted that the EUA products were “vegan“.

Not to worry, though! The risk of contracting CJD from these experimental products was “deemed minimal.” That’s a relief! I guess if the risk is “deemed minimal,” there’s no need to inform people about it. This doesn’t even appear to be addressing the issue of the spike being a prion – just a few ingredients in the “broth” that “theoretically” could cause people to go insane, no big deal.

Idiocracy But It's Real Life

If this were to manifest as a widespread phenomena, the world could quickly begin to look like the landscape of idiocracy, with cars running into each other, bewildered people looking around as if lost, and others going mad with rage. Factory machinery grinding to a halt as workers forget how to perform basic tasks that they’ve done a thousand times. Media personalities staring blankly into the cameras on live TV. High-ranking officials forgetting where they are at any given time, or what they’re doing. Lucky for us, I guess, that our acting president has a lot of experience with that already.

If this phenomena were widespread, we would expect to hear numerous reports of increasingly bizarre behavior by the end of September. But if everyone were locked down inside their homes, it might buy a month or two more before these symptoms are observed – and officials have already admitted that preventing us from talking to each other is one of the primary reasons for draconian lockdown measures – to curb the flow of “dangerous misinformation” like the availability of early treatment. The CDC is already “discussing” whether to implement lockdowns again now, and the Army is reportedly preparing to make experiment participation mandatory as of September. 

If they can keep us separate, reliant on digital mediums that hinder and subvert our ability to communicate, they could potentially keep a lid on this for another year, gaslighting those with symptoms as they are doing now. 

But if does come out that this is what’s happening, it is unlikely that even this would be cause to halt The Great Experiment. So little is known about this very rare disease, it shouldn’t be difficult for the curators to muddy the waters around it. They even appear to be laying groundwork to blame a potential prion outbreak on decade-old lab accident. 

These are just signals – we do not know for sure whether a Zombie Apocalypse might be on the horizon. But unlike some of our “elected” officials, we aren’t going to sit idly by and wait til this catastrophe manifests around us to find out.

If you know someone who, within a few weeks after taking an mRNA vaccine, has started exhibiting behavioral or personality changes, social withdrawal, insomnia, muscle paralysis, mood swings, agitation, aggression, memory loss, sudden problems with carrying out simple tasks, motor decline, speech difficulty, visual disturbances, tremors, or trouble balancing and walking – get them tested! 

If only a few of these symptoms are being observed, it could be caused by blood clots, autoimmune issues, or other post-vax injury – not CJD. If you have observed these symptoms in someone you love, ask your doctor about getting them the test mentioned above. If you get a positive test, please report that to VAERS and at prions.rip, where there are also frequently updated links to studies about various treatments that might offer a ray of hope in this dark time.


It’s impossible to sum up all of what’s happening in a nutshell, which is one of the ways the curators are able to pull off such a massive conspiracy in plain sight – there’s just too much sprawling nuance to summarize in a few words with any credibility, and attention spans are increasingly short. 

Suffice to say it appears literal Nazis have formed a blood-pact with high-ranking officials in every nation of the world, deciding it is in the best interest of humanity if most of us would kindly drop dead, thank you. If the virus is a bioweapon, injecting everyone with its spike may have been a bad idea. If the spike is a prion, we may be facing an actual zombie apocalypse. And leaked documents demonstrate that officials were aware of this, but the risk was “deemed minimal” so they chose not to inform us about it.


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    "Cassandra," apparently. Truth & facts in the spirit of parody. My dot com was seized for discussing cures. Branded a "conspiracy mill" by NYT. Building one rn

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Chelsea Belle is "Cassandra," apparently. Truth & facts in the spirit of parody. My dot com was seized for discussing cures. Branded a "conspiracy mill" by NYT. Building one rn

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