The Most 2020 Things of 2020

Each year, we tag things that we believe encapsulate the current year, as we see them. This year, as you all know too well, ran a little long. Despite, or perhaps, because of the decision of many media companies to forego the end of year "Top However Many" lists, we decided to compile these notable moments into a retrospective of the year 2020.
It’s the last day of 2020, and something is missing. The lists!

Usually, towards the end of the year, we’re bombarded with lists. “Top ten funniest moments of 2020,” “Top 100 songs of 2020,” “Top memorable moments of 2020,” and the like. We don’t have any particular affinity for this tradition and generally roll our eyes at such fodder, but this year, we’ve noticed a conspicuous absence of these lists. They’re still being produced, but they are not being picked up by the curators of the world. What gives?

Is this yet another attack on our culture, just omitting the tradition of year’s end retrospectives altogether? Or has it been decided that 2020 was such a dreadful year, it’s best not reflected upon. Or maybe… maybe they just don’t to remind us of the slippery slope-n-slide to complete cognitive dissonance that we witnessed this year. Whatever the reason, this erasure of long-standing traditions must not be allowed to stand. So we bring you the Top Most 2020 Things of 2020.

Gervais Exposes The Epstein Party

We started this year off with a BANG, courtesy of Ricky Gervais’ performance at the Golden Globes, where he unleashed a tirade exposing The Epstein Party right to their corrupt, child sex trafficking faces. This legendary performance set a golden new standard for comedians to aspire to, and set the tone for everything that followed in this long, sometimes awkward, always unsettling year.

Krugman Protests A Bit Too Much

Just days after Ricky Gervais made it common knowledge that many of our elites are pals of Jeff Epstein, Paul Krugman, for no reason at all, took to Twitter to announce that he has been hacked. Not only had he been hacked, but “someone” had used his IP ADDRESS to “download child porn”. “It could be an attempt to Qanon me,” Krugman protested, just a lil overmuch.


How many times have we said “If only Alan Smithee were here today, what would he say about this?” over the course of this year?

I can imagine he would lambast all of us, and rightly so, for standing down and accepting the tyrannies forced upon us in the name of the clown bug plague. He would also excoriate the idiots who still somehow believe the virus isn’t even real, despite being packed tight in a Russian stacking doll of disinformation, propaganda, and psuedoscience. But he would be saying all these things somewhere else, because he would’ve been long since banned by Twitter for telling people the truth, by now.

And that’s why “muted” makes the top Most 2020 Things of 2020, because putting our hands over our ears singing “neener neener” and trusting everyone but our own lyin’ eyes has been a recurring theme over this long, sad year.

Neera Tanden and White Male Rage

Neera Tanden is just the worst, and if Joe Biden has his way, she’ll be our new Director of the Office of Management and Budget in a handful of days.

Here, Neera attacks Palestinian-American Congresswoman Rashida Talib for booing Hillary at a Sanders rally, accusing her and the rest of the audience that chimed in of perpetuating “white male rage and misogyny”. It is at about this point that the cognitive dissonance of 2020 begins to snowball.

Billionaire Mike was on Fyre

Everyone has probably forgotten by now, but for a brief time earlier this year, Mike Bloomberg stepped out from behind his piles and piles of money, and threw his hat into the “race” for the DNC’s coveted nomination. That was quite a bold move. How’d it work out for him?

Someone at the DNC actually thought it was a good idea to roll this guy out as the Democrats’ great white hope. Remember when he bragged on stage at the debates about basically buying the 2018 contests for them? Well that’s nothing up against the way he boasted about controlling crime in New York.

Hoisted By His Own Petard

The headline “Flat-Earther ‘Mad’ Mike Hughes killed in crash-landing after homemade rocket launch” perfectly encapsulates a year comprised of self-inflicted wounds.

Black Churches and White Guilt Tourism

So much has been made about race in this country in the post-Obama era, you’d almost think maybe he completely failed to unify the country as he had promised to do.

Presidential Priorities

Whether you love him or hate him, President Trump always seems to have his priorities misaligned. The vanity of congratulating FOX News for having the “most-watched Town Hall” with Donald Trump is a bit gratuitous, even for Narcissus. But tweeting about TV ratings as a deadly airborne plague settled over the land earns Trump a nod for The Most 2020 Things of 2020.

The Toilet Paper Wars

A deadly plague has broken out and mayhem grips the country. Millions of Americans, after seeing how the virus affected China, scramble to spend their bottom dollar preparing for the possibility of being locked in their homes til they succumb to the clown bug. But there’s only so much you can cram into a freezer, so people made sure to stock up on non-perishables like pasta and – you guessed it – toilet paper.

For months, nary a store could spare a single square.

Something Doesn't Add Up

Understatement of the year right here, and yet, definitely Most 2020 Things of 2020. Something just doesn’t seem to add up.

2020 is the year that cognitive dissonance went mainstream, as only the most obedient, brainwashed sheeple persist in the delusion that our government and media are on the level. Something is very wrong here, and although something has been very wrong for a long while, millions of people are waking up to realize just how bad it’s gotten.

Thomas Jefferson once wrote, “Wherever the people are well informed they can be trusted with their own government; whenever things get so far wrong as to attract their notice, they may be relied on to set them to rights.” I think it’s safe to say that 2020 has attracted a lot of notice.

Nature is Healing

As people were locked away inside their homes, the streets emptied, and wildlife returned to the newly quiet cities.

Reminiscent of scenes from the movie “12 Monkeys,” we got to catch a glimpse of what the world would look like without all the people.


In 2016, Democrats relied on their Pied Piper Strategy to the detriment of literally everything. I predicted they’d run with the Aesop theme again this year, making 2020 the year of The Boy Who Cried Wolf. I was not wrong.

Masochistic Optimism

No matter what incredible stupid thing falls out of Donald Trump’s mouth, you can always count on MAGA to interpret it for the normies. Only sometimes, it seems, they give their God Emperor just a little too much credit.

Lockdown Protests

After seeing the CCP literally weld people into their homes for fear of a deadly airborne plague, many Americans stocked up and resolved to stay inside til it blows over. But when our media and some of our “elected” representatives began to ramp up the rhetoric and crank the collective fear up to 11, many of those same people took up arms and surrounded their state capitols in protest.

Divided and Conquered

In 2020, there is nothing left that hasn’t been politicized. Whether sexual assault matters, whether a deadly airborne pandemic is real, whether every man has the right to stand outside in his own yard, whether cheap, safe, effective treatments should be prescribed to COVID patients before their symptoms become so severe they have to seek help in the ICU – no matter what the topic, there will be two opposing viewpoints diametrically screaming at each other over it.

Are nurses good? Are vaccines safe? NOBODY KNOWS! It’s 2020, and all objective truths are off.

Sexual Distancing

This is about when the full horror of our new dystopian nightmare became apparent.

Free Julian Assange

After exposing The Epstein Party in 2016, Julian Assange was ejected from his embassy asylum and forced into a Belmarsh prison on the flimsy premise that he had attempted to skip bail. Now Wikileaks roams the twitterverse like a ghost ship without a captain, and who is manning the rudders? Nobody knows for sure.

The injustice of a journalist rotting away in prison on behalf of a nation that enshrines freedom of speech in its constitution is very Most 2020 Things of 2020.

#MeToo #JoeBiden2020

The #MeToo movement insisted that we “believe all women,” and yet, when Joe Biden was anointed with the DNC’s nomination, all of that seemed to fall by the wayside.

Black Bloc Elmo

The cities are burning, and BLM is celebrating in the streets with their antifa allies. The dystopian hellscape is upon us.

Mask or Brick?

“Peaceful protests” have turned to riots and people just want to know what they’re supposed to bring to the store anymore.

I stole a police horse, fuck it

This was the height of absolute chaos.

Lockdown orders and mask mandates for the many, an open invitation to anarchy for the few. It really seemed at this point that someone had come in, assured these people that there would be zero consequences for their actions so long as they tore shit up as much as possible, and they eagerly complied.

On the dark streets of NY, this gentleman is galloping past a bicycle on a pilfered police horse, bragging “I stole it from the police!”

Peaceful And Not So Peaceful

I had left this window open for several days, meaning to watch the rest of the video. When I stopped and really looked at it, it seemed like a 2020 time capsule, so I grabbed this screenshot.

From the “Biden you know the thing” in the search bar, to the “Barr on Seattle’s Protest Zone” chiron, to the “Peaceful and not so peaceful” caption text, to the gaping expression on the interviewer’s face, this is a lil bit Most 2020 Things of 2020.

Abolish and Call the Police

One minute, liberal activists are screaming “DEFUND THE POLICE!” but as soon as those same liberal activists are tasked with defending themselves, their first inclination is still “Call the police!”

Cognitive dissonance is a recurring theme in 2020.

Eating Their Own

Debra Messing bit off a bit more than she could chew when she came after Sanders surrogate and former Correct The Record board member Nina Turner, who happens to be black, over whether Kanye West is the Jill Stein of 2020, trying to “take black voters from Biden,” as if they were Biden’s to lose.

They may have been Biden’s to win, but Biden doesn’t get to claim the black vote by default. At least, short of a Dominion default.


Alyssa Milano, overgrown child actor and outspoken slacktivist, was a big proponent of #MeToo when Justice Kavanaugh was being tested for the Supreme Court, but when numerous credible allegations against Joe Biden surfaced along with reams of video footage of Gropey Joe getting handsy with ladies of all ages surfaced, Alyssa took the side of the establishment abuser rather than stick to her guns. But that didn’t stop her from using a caricature of herself wielding #MeToo protest banners as an avatar the entire time she was helping Biden.

Dancing the Priest Away

This was a nod to an old friend who blocked me over what I presume must’ve been a huge misunderstanding. She would frequently wish all the sinners a Happy Sabbath, with some tongue-in-cheek humor that’d put me over.

The tweet had linked the video below it, but they’ve since taken their account private so you can’t see it quote-tweeted anymore. It’s a street preacher beset on all sides by protesters trying to grind on him, perhaps hoping some of their atheistic hedonism would rub off on him.

In 2020, it’s not enough to be left alone to live out your own truth. If others challenge your lack of regard for all of what came before, you have no choice but to force your reality tunnel down his throat until he capitulates to your will, or is run out of town. There is no middle ground, not anymore.

Y'all Need Aesop

The old parable about the man, the boy, and the donkey is one that many kids today have not heard, and it shows.

Burn It All Down

He’s a hobble with a wobble at the gang raid
Cover it with gas and set it on fire
He’s a hobble with a wobble at the gang raid
Cover it with gas and set it on fire
It’s an earth chock, war plot, peppermint lasso Jimmy
Cover it with gas and set it on fire
It’s an earth chock, war plot, peppermint lasso
Cover it with gas and set it on fire -WEEN

Epstein Party Pork

Canadians have been getting $2000 a month since they were asked to lockdown.

In America, our “elected” representatives punt on doing anything for the people til they can pack their pork into our pittance and extract it by force, only to dole it out to their corrupt cronies and pet projects abroad.

We got $1200 in April. That’s eight solid months ago. Try living on $1200 for eight months. You can’t do it. Even if you had room and board covered, you’d be hard pressed to stretch $1200 over eight months. But that’s what our “elected” leaders decided we could live on, while they poured millions into Cruise Lines that were infecting passengers and driving their crews to suicide, and billions more into airlines and contractors.

In 2020, the fed printed 37% of all the money that has ever been printed in this country. That didn’t lead to insane inflation because most of it was pumped directly into the pockets of billionaires, who sit on it, prettily. THIRTY-SEVEN PERCENT OF ALL THE MONEY EVER PRINTED, IN ONE YEAR. We should all be sitting pretty, the way the money printer has gone brrrrrrrr over the last year. And yet, many of us are struggling just to keep our heads above water. Businesses have been shuttered by the same leadership that has refused to take any small step towards ensuring that a catastrophic snowballing effect doesn’t occur as a result of this dastardly decision making, and the results are lining up in tents on sidewalks of cities across the country, in miles-ling food bank lines, and in an exponentially increasing suicide rate.

Trump tried to get them to cut us a check in July.

He tried again in October.

Nancy Pelosi admitted on national television that she was holding up the COVID relief package. It’s pretty clear she was holding out just to make life harder on Americans in anticipation on the election, because a miserable American is less likely to cast a vote for an incumbent.

After Biden won, Nancy changed her tune and “settled” for a bill half the size, because “now that Biden is *elected, a smaller package is fine.” Of course she knows the gravy train will start flowing just as soon as Democrats take official charge of the Executive branch again, and they can pack the pork to the rafters and pocket the difference, as they do. Nancy Pelosi’s husband’s companies got at least THREE MILLION DOLLARS between PPP loans and relief funds. My own small business didn’t qualify, and has since gone under. 

Unnecessarily perpetuating the sufferings of millions of human beings for political purposes is one of the very most Most 2020 Things of 2020.

Gates Around Limited Access

“This is the perfect time for an open conversation about access, that only you and I can participate in.” 😶

It’s a great time for an open dialogue wherein only selected experts are actually allowed to speak. 2020 in a nutshell. It’s almost as if this is some kind of weird performance art, where they make their smoke-filled backroom deals and after everybody shakes on it with a wink and a nudge, they have one of their staffers go on social media to be sure that the proper people know about it, or to rub it in the faces of the plebs. Sometimes they speak in strange codes that keep the Q folks up late.

Professor Klaus Schwab used the same format when he took to Twitter to proclaim “I’m looking forward to hearing from you here,” while limiting the discussion to allow only replies from the hundred fifty-two NWO power players he follows.

These people clearly have no intention of allowing “access” to an “open conversation” about anything, and they certainly aren’t looking to hear from you, or from me. They are on Twitter purely to promote their agenda, and to let us know in no uncertain terms that they will be the ones deciding whether we live or die, and if they allow us to live, how we will be permitted to live, at their sole discretion.

COVID Deprives States of Slave Labor

It’s weird for a society to have moved on to combatting microaggressions while still participating in actual slavery, but here we are.


Most 2020 Things of 2020, without comment.

Candace Owens vs Cardi-B

Candace Owens really went for the low hanging fruit when she took on breathtakingly vapid Biden surrogate Cardi-B. This episode was like watching a lioness toy with a dead fish, but not quite as pretty.

Unsolicited Fact-Check

Unsolicited fact checks are absolutely Most 2020 Things of 2020. In fact, 2020 could be considered the year of the unsolicited fact check.

Why? Because with this much riding on the line, the curators of the world couldn’t take any chances on allowing the electorate to think for themselves. By the end of 2020, almost everything you see on social media would be appended with a “fact-check,” which invariably turns out to be some hastily scribbled word salad that could be summed up by “we’re right, the experts we hired said so, deal with it.”

In this stunning example, Reuters fact-checks the President’s claim that eighty million unsolicited ballots were sent out all over the country in anticipation of, to quote Joe Biden, “the most inclusive voter fraud organization in history.” Reuters rated this claim FALSE, noting that it was only 44.2 MILLION unsolicited ballots that went out. Which of course is totally fine.

Safe and Secure Cognitive Dissonance

“Learn how voting by mail is safe and secure, despite all the evidence of your eyes and ears” is something we got a lot of in 2020, and the closer we got to November, the more the censorship, unsolicited fact-checking and constant onslaught of propaganda were ramped up, in a desperate, if transparent, effort to establish a stranglehold on narrative.

The curators of the world must think that if they repeat the lie often enough, that it will be believed. Any other year, it may have worked for them. But it’s 2020, and almost no one is buying what these hucksters are selling anymore.

Campingworld Commies

It sounds laughable, but this guy totally means it. Camping World hates America. And ya know what? I don’t even doubt it. So many companies we’ve come to patronize have sold out the American Dream for something better – the dream of selling their shit product to billions of newly affluent Chinese, while benefitting from the slave labor the CCP supplies in turn.

What are little things like values and morality, when mountains of cash are there for the making.

Is This A Dystopian Prank Show?

“It almost feels like we’re in the bizarro world, or one of those cheezy American prank shows, but like a twisted dystopian version.”

“I know the feeling, buddy, but this is reality.”

Get A Room Already

These two have so much in common, it’s a wonder they can’t get along.

A Very Dark Winter

Christmas photos of your kids on Santa's lap are so 2019. This year, the best we can do is let your kids stand outside a plastic bubble made to look like a snow globe for a photo op. They can shout their Christmas wish lists through their masks and a little elf will carry the message inside for Mr. Claus, where he and Professor Klaus Schwab can review your social media activity and browsing histories to determine if you’ve been naughty or nice.

Of course if you want to get a pic of your kids grimacing while they receive a rushed vaccine, that is totally doable. And if you had seeing all your favorite celebrities and politicians get injected as part of a massive propaganda campaign trying to nail “the messaging” on your list, you’re in luck!

The New York Times is Trash

“Men succumb to the clown bug plague more than women, which has made some doctors wonder: Could giving men female hormones help protect them from the virus?” NYT “Science” asks, without a hint of derision or irony.

This of course is from the same rag that slandered me as a wackadoodle for promoting ivermectin, a safe, cheap drug that has since proven itself effective against COVID, surpassing 100% probability for its efficacy just last week. The NYT article suggesting men should take female hormones to outsmart the clown bug was published about the very same time Ms. Perlroth was sliding into my DMs asking questions for the article she published in June slandering me as a Conspiracy Mill – the same time I told her about ivermectin and implored her to bring it to anyone’s attention.

So while news of an effective COVID cure is grounds for slander and derision, the idea of injecting otherwise healthy, normal men with female hormones on the flimsy basis that statistically men are more likely to die of COVID than women is a brilliant and thought-provoking proposal. #NYTisTRASH

Get Well Soon

If a picture says a thousand words, 2020 could be summed up in this single image.

Dick Clark's Rockin' and Rollin' in His Grave

As if the indignity of everything else hoisted upon us this year wasn’t enough, the curators of the world thoughtfully decided to go forward with the long-held tradition of having the ball drop in Times Square, but, just as the Great Reset people envisioned, without all those noisy, carbon-emitting people. Who needs people, when you have a small army of branded wacky waving inflatable arm guys?

But reducing our own New Year’s traditions to a tacky promotional campaign for gyms during a time when most people have been disallowed from even leaving their homes, still yet visiting a gym, wasn’t enough of an annihilation of culture and spirit for the curators of the world. No, they really needed to find a way to rub it in our fat American faces.

So to add a little insult to injury, how bout US news companies share footage of people packed elbow-to-elbow ringing in the new year in Wuhan, China. The cognitive dissonance of that should be enough to utterly demoralize the few who haven’t long since fallen victim to the demoralization propaganda and infiltration campaigns set into motion decades ago. They are so close to winning, they can taste it. But they haven’t won yet, and I know a couple hundred million Americans who might have a thing or two to say about that before they seal the steal.


And those are just the highlights. 2020 was a hell of a year, and even though they say “hindsight is 2020,” I don’t think the last year makes much more sense now that we’re looking back at it then it did as it was playing out. We’ve been through a lot, and I think many of us are just happy to have made it to see 2021 – because at myriad points in this long, chaotic, tumultuous year, it seemed as if we’d never get there. Congratulations on making it through the craziest year most of us had ever hoped to see, and here’s to less interesting times.


  • Chelsea Belle

    "Cassandra," apparently. Truth & facts in the spirit of parody. My dot com was seized for discussing cures. Branded a "conspiracy mill" by NYT. Building one rn

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Chelsea Belle is "Cassandra," apparently. Truth & facts in the spirit of parody. My dot com was seized for discussing cures. Branded a "conspiracy mill" by NYT. Building one rn

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