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Trump War Room Attacks… Lin Wood?

In a startling turn of events, the Trump War Room Twitter account appeared to lash out today at Lin Wood, just after Lin Wood and Sidney Powell gave impassioned speeches at the Stop The Steal rally in Georgia.

Lin Wood, empowered by a massive crowd of disenfranchised Trump voters, delivered a speech that at times felt more like a sermon at an evangelical revival than a press conference, and accused Governor Brian Kemp of being on Dominion’s dole, daring Kemp to sue him for defamation when he said “If you make a false statement against somebody that’s defamatory, they can sue you. Listen carefully Governor Kemp, listen carefully Brad Raffensperger. I state as a matter of fact that you are criminals. You took money from Dominion, you took money from China with the COVID purchase – and I bet you will never sue me because the truth will prove that I am right!”

Mr. Wood at times mocked the press, saying “They say ‘show me the evidence’ – well, I’ll show ’em the evidence, there’s piles of evidence! There’s mountains of evidence,” shaking his finger to roaring cheers. Wood saidWe’re gonna send a message, and the message is this:  It’s 1776 in America again, and you’re not gonna take our freedom. We’re gonna fight for our liberty. We’re gonna send that message from Wills Park today, and we’re gonna send it all the way to Beijing China —we’re not gonna let you take our county over. Never gonna happen on our watch! This is America. You picked a fight with the wrong people,” prompting roaring “USA, USA, USA” chants from the crowd.

But Lin Wood didn’t stop there. Not one to pull a punch, Mr. Wood went on, “We’re gonna send that message… to George Soros! Get out of our country, George Soros!”

But that wasn’t what did it. None of that was a bridge too far for the GOP. It was what Wood said next that really stuck in their craw. “We are not going to allow ourselves to go back into the polling booth – and you hear us out, Governor Kemp, you hear me, while you hide in your closet! And you hear us, you hear the people… you’re not going to sell our votes to China! We’re not gonna vote on your damn machines made in China! This is Georgia, we aint dumb! We aint gonna go vote on January 5th on another machine made in China! You’re not gonna fool Georgians again! If Kelly Loeffler wants your vote – if David Perdue wants your vote, they’ve got to earn it! They’ve got to demand publicly, repeatedly, consistently, ‘Brian Kemp call a special session of the Georgia legislature’ – and if they do not do it, they have not earned your vote – don’t you give it to them! Why would you go vote in another rigged election, for God’s sake, fix it!”

You could almost hear the collective screams of establishment GOP and media types as Wood uttered those last words, a silent scream so loud and so shrill, it cracked the thin veneer of MAGA unity around the Republican Party and split it in twain. Even Newsmax pundits lost their mind: “That’s the most irresponsible and dangerous comment I’ve heard in weeks,” talking head B exclaimed emphatically. MSM shills ran with it all day, crowing things like “’There is no evidence that Lin Wood and Sidney Powell are secretly working for the DNC, but no one has definitively disproved it, either.’ ⁦ – Rich Lowry on how these crazy theories could cost the GOP their only safeguard against Dems,” tweeted Politico’s Meredith McGraw. MSNBC hack David Corn took a few quotes out of context, jumbled them into one tweet, and called Lin and Powell  “Crazy people“. The keyphrase “Lin Wood” was allowed to trend on Twitter all day, mostly just so mean-spirited liberals could make a mockery of the whole affair.

A few hours later, President Trump delivered what he called his “most important speech ever,” where he spent over half an hour going over voting irregularities and the crisis facing this nation in great detail, in a deliberately poorly staged briefing cut together with deliberately bad editing. With so much at stake, Donald Trump still doesn’t seem to have any allies in the White House – not even his own media team. But at the end of his monologue, Trump made a point of saying what great people Loeffler and Perdue really are, and emphasized how important it is that Republican voters turn out and support these candidates in the runoff election that could upset the delicate balance of the Senate – a statement obviously slipped into this speech at the last minute by aghast staff-writers scrambling to effect damage control for the timid GOP.

Then, at 9PM, the Trump campaign decided where to stick the knife in. Someone seems to have leaked Lin Wood’s alleged voting record and has been digging into his donation history on OpenSecrets, and they claim Wood has supported – *gasp* – Democrats in the past. The Trump War Room decided to run with it, tweeting “Records: Lin Wood Has for Decades Voted for, Donated to Democrats Including Barack Obama and David Perdue’s 2014 Opponent,” to which Lin simply responded “False.”

Is the Trump War Room waging war on team Kraken? Is this a sign that Trump is capitulating to the same establishment voices that have robbed him of his presidential powers and stripped this nation of its noble tenets in the process? Does this mean there won’t be Martial Law and Military Tribunals, after all? We keep hearing allegations of treason and rumors of calls for accountability from Trump’s surrogates, but it always seems girded in metaphorical language. Trump just brought back the firing squads… is he just setting those up for China, or does he intend to use them?

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