Nothing Can Stop What’s Coming

A pandemic is being exploited to facilitate massive societal change without debate or consensus. People are dropping like flies from "very rare" side effects from EUA vaccine trials. Human beings are being singled out for punishment or reward based on their participation in a medical experiment - as well as gender identity, sexual orientation, appearance or ethnicity. All while the curators have disallowed us from wondering out loud whether malicious powerful forces might be using COVID as pretext to control people.

Suppression of protected speech by Big Tech bullies has undermined our democracy for most of the last decade, and finally, this anti-constitutional behavior has escalated to the point it is literally killing millions of people. It’s been more than a year since the COVID crisis began to unfold, and the CDC is still recommending (archive) that COVID victims outside of the hospital take Tylenol or Advil for fever, drink lots of water and get plenty of rest. Their advice is to stay home until you become sicker so you can be admitted to the hospital, where the only drug the FDA has approved is Remdesivir. We hold it to be self-evident that these measures are insufficient to combat the menace that has decimated our society, but saying so on social media might get you suspended, or worse. At the same time, we’re being asked to participate in a great medical experiment and volunteer for the largest vaccine trial in the history of the world, and finding that we can’t say much about that, either, without being cut off from the only mediums we have to communicate with our friends.

The internet has been closing in around us since we allowed ourselves to be herded into social media platforms. With pandemic restrictions forcing everyone to communicate almost exclusively through these platforms, Big Tech has been granted absolute power over the civic discourse of most of the world. Their tendrils seem to be into everything, the lines between disparate power players blurring as the biggest power players in the world all seem to have aligned with common purpose: to push a singular agenda driven by a single narrative and punish anyone who challenges it. Even individuals who didn’t mind when it was Bernie and Trump supporters being censored on social media in 2016 and found themselves cheering when those tactics were ramped up to facilitate Trump’s ouster are looking around and wondering what the actual capital F is going on.

The fortifying of the 2020 election was so blatant in its transparency, it shocked even seasoned politicians and took people on both sides of the aisle by surprise. Culminating in the wholesale deplatforming of the elected leader of the once free world, the usurpation of power from state governments and elected officials – from the people – to the unelected technocrats we refer to as Big Tech was an unprecedented paradigm shift. In exchange for securing the fate of the world for the DNCCPNWO, the curators of the world have gotten an upgrade, and have appointed themselves the new Masters of the Universe. What is the nature of this universe? Whatever the hell they say it is, that’s what. And asking any questions about it is grounds for suspension. Providing video evidence of anything that runs counter to it is grounds for deplatforming.

How It Started

I was surprised at first when this censorship, paid speech astroturfing, and propaganda took a turn from politics to medicine early last year, as it became apparent to me that there was a coordinated campaign to actively suppress treatments and cures for the clown bug plague. Shocked, actually, when my husband’s research was censored from medium for trying to share the good word that there was a ray of light through the dismal projections of the common consensus at the time. Absolutely floored when the dot com domain name I had subsequently set up to share his research was seized by the PDR under false pretenses of “public deception including gambling and phishing, and having content not sanctioned by any doctor”. Dismayed at being doxxed and slandered by The New York Times after attempting to share this information with one of their “reporters”. All of these things happened a full year ago now, and what I’ve witnessed since would stun the conscience of any decent person. The increasingly aggressive censorship of doctors, researchers, scientists, and medical professionals during the most challenging public health crisis in a century has to be a crime against humanity to rival anything witnessed at Nuremberg, the scale of which won’t be known for decades, if we are very lucky.

There has been a concerted effort to make it tantamount to thoughtcrime to suggest that the current, insane censorship of any knowledge of what’s really going on, the escalating suppression of any attempt to circumvent what many people are beginning to view as a genocide, is in any way akin to anything that happened during The Holocaust. Even mentioning any uncanny resemblance to that unsavory chapter from the past, or making any movement to stand against it, is grounds to get a person fired, deplatformed, bank accounts terminated, and generally blacklisted and banished from civil society forever. No matter that Holocaust survivors are raising red flags, saying what they are witnessing now is “even worse” than what they experienced in Nazi Germany, it’s been made taboo to juxtapose this with what we are experiencing at the hands of our new oppressors, and thereby impossible to halt the acceleration towards potentially terrible ends. This forceful implementation of taboo is kind of strange, after five years of well-tolerated comparisons of Trump, who was at worst a loudmouthed, feckless, ineffectual bigot, to Hitler.

How It's Going

The corporations and media outlets who brag that they “fortified” the election to depose the bad orange man have cemented their victory over all that is holy by forging together in an unholy alliance. Moreover their agenda seems clearly centered around racial issues, determined to prioritize health care based on the color of a patient’s skin, provide financial assistance contingent on belonging to a particular ethnic group, and even demanding that people who look a particular way should apologize for every advantage they’ve ever had in life. This is the literal definition of fascism, give or take the formality of a dictatorial figurehead, though Biden seems content to fill the role if that’s what the teleprompter tells him to do.

The only thing that differs from what’s happening right now and the dictionary definition of fascism is that rather than a focus on nationalism, it is globalism driving this, at the expense of the nation.

We live in a nation that has enshrined the sanctity of free speech as the very First Amendment to its constitution, where judges have ruled that the civic discourse should be “wide open and robust,” where we have always been taught that matters of consequence can be settled with debate and consensus. We have been educated about the horrors of authoritarian government gone mad and we see the signposts that warn that the way ahead may be fraught with terrible hardship for millions of people if this inclination towards neo-totalitarianism isn’t addressed and rectified before we find ourselves living in a techno-dystopia to rival anything science fiction writers have been able to come up with in a hundred years.

It is self-evident to most people that the pandemic crisis has been exacerbated every step of the way by the officials who are supposed to protect and serve the people, made worse by ineffective mandates, strictly enforced protocols based on flimsy pseudoscience and counter-intuitive guidance that remains codified long after it has been proven faulty. We were asked a year ago to stay home for “two weeks to flatten the curve,” and now, a year later, Western cities around the world are facing the same dismal projections and contemplating the same dire outcomes they were last spring, while others are in revolt, suffering Boy Who Cried Wolf fatigue, and reopening without any COVID restrictions despite the dire warnings of the CDC. With escape mutations and convergent evolution of T-cell resistant variants popping up all over, and evidence of prion disease looking more compelling by the day, this is a recipe for a perfect storm just waiting to happen.

WHO's In Charge Around Here?

Recently, our “health authorities” have issued updated guidance that Big Tech platforms are using as license to absolutely annihilate any information that might actually help people, whether in the form of doctors recommending treatment and prophylaxis that the WHO has declared we shouldn’t use because 80% improvement is “statistically insignificant,” or in the form of providing unsavory information about the EUA vaccines. Within days of the WHO’s updated guidance on ivermectin, for example, which reasserted their opinion that the drug should not be used outside of clinical trials, YouTube channels run by licensed doctors and medical professionals had any videos that discussed ivermectin demonetized. Within weeks of that guidance, Twitter began suspending the accounts of licensed, practicing doctors just for using the hashtag #IvermectinWorks, and the wholesale suspension of anyone who dares to suggest that ivermectin is an effective treatment and prophylaxis for COVID-19. The updated Acceptable Use Policies of Twitter and YouTube are very specific. Although Twitter’s published policy page appears to be less so, in practice, they are both using the same playbook – and it is chilling.

This is from Twitter’s AUP as of today:

And this is from YouTube’s updated TOS:

On Twitter, we are expressly forbidden from “invoking a deliberate conspiracy by malicious and/or powerful forces” when discussing the pandemic or the EUA solutions to the pandemic. Suggesting that the EUA vaccines might be a part of an intentional “plan to cause harm or control populations” is taboo, despite Bill Gates (the ‘expert’ that all other ‘experts’ defer to, who also happens to be the WHO’s biggest donor after the US) being on the record talking about using vaccines as a means of population control:

Despite there still being no consensus on asymptomatic or airborne spread, even among the vaccinated (it’s airborne and aerosolized and transmitted asymptomatically, in our opinion), we are forbidden from spreading ‘misinformation’ about it, or how the virus might spread indoors – or even how we might prevent indoor spread. Many are looking at these rules and wondering what qualifies as misinformation in the void of debate and consensus. WHO makes that determination?

Clearly, both Twitter and YouTube (Google) appear to defer to the WHO, and are openly working to manipulate the discourse according to the organization’s advisories. They always give a nod to “local health authorities,” but do you think anyone is consulting the government of Nicaragua, or your local county health board, over at Big Tech HQ? No, Big Tech is consulting NGOs and “relevant multinational stakeholders” to curtail our inalienable, God-given right to participate in the public discourse which shapes the our environment and the future for our children and grandchildren. Silencing us, deplatforming our peers, doling out “strikes” faster and more arbitrarily than Joe Biden’s 1994 Crime Bill and placing too many people in the purgatory of shadowbans and suspensions on the only platforms most folks have at their disposal in which to facilitate the necessity of interpersonal communication, during a plague that has seen all but “essential workers” holed up in their homes for most of a year. This is basically condemning entire swaths of the population to solitary confinement – a punishment usually reserved for misbehaving criminals. Many even consider solitary confinement to be a form of torture, and in the case of pandemic lockdowns that have forced most all interactions to be performed through digital channels, consider that cutting people off from their only source of social engagement is cruel. It is absolutely unusual, in America, to have curtailed our fundamental freedom of speech in this way -and still more unusual to be doing so at the behest of unnamed international interests.

WTF Is Going On?

In 2016 Russia ran about $125,000 worth of Facebook ads and we discussed “Russian meddling” for the better part of five years, over the results of an election that impacted us for four years.

In 2021, we’ve blindly conceded the sovereignty of our public discourse to an amorphous group of “international stakeholders” who have effectively forbidden people all over the world from discussing any remedy for the pandemic that is impacting their lives. Doctors are being suspended from social media for sharing their COVID protocols with other doctors, because the WHO has declared that there is no approved treatment or cure for COVID-19. Recommending early treatment of any kind for COVID will get you banished from the only places left to talk to other people. Even suggesting that people take vitamins to boost their immune system as a preventative measure or when they feel sick is grounds for expulsion.

Early treatment and prevention have been the pervasive wisdom of modern medicine as long as any American can remember. Feel a cold coming on, grab some vitamins. Going to have a one night stand, use a condom. Didn’t use a condom and want to prevent an unwanted pregnancy, take a morning after pill. Contract a deadly STD, get it treated as soon as possible. We encourage regular self-breast exams and cancer screenings because catching cancer early may be the difference between survival and agonizing death. For no reason at all, decades old common wisdom about early treatment and prevention has gone right out the window when it comes to COVID-19. Not only is early treatment of any kind not recommended by any of our public health institutions, it has been made expressly off-limits by the curators of the world. If we approached cancer, or AIDS, or any other deadly disease, the way we’ve treated COVID-19, there would be no survivors.

A Fauci Pandemic Risk Worth Taking

At the same time, these same public health officials insist that there is nothing extraordinary about the origin of the virus. It’s just another perfectly normal, perfectly natural coronavirus that seems to have gained a bit of function along the way, somehow. And lab origin, that’s really completely irrelevant, insists Tony Fauci. After all, even if it did come from a lab, how did it get into a lab in the first place? It had to be taken from nature, so obviously it has to be natural, in the same way that paint and aluminum siding are natural. Just like the virus is Chinese, in the same way that iPhones and Nikes are Chinese. But we’re not supposed to talk about those things, either.

Tony Fauci has patronized the citizens of this country as if we were all imbeciles for decades, but the press caters to the lowest common denominator, and no journalist ever holds him to account for this predatory behavior, known as gaslighting. Instead, he is the highest paid public official in the entire US government, and is held up as a saint among the indoctrinated. Fauci famously mismanaged the AIDS crisis. Remember being terrified of losing your virginity because you would be having sex with every person your partner ever had sex with, and would likely be doomed to die of HIV? That was Fauci’s handiwork, terrorizing prepubescent schoolchildren and virginal highschoolers about the prospect of sexual intercourse, even when the science was pretty conclusive at the time that white, middle class heterosexuals were highly unlikely to contract the disease. This is a man tasked to manage the public health of this nation, but seems to exacerbate every crisis he is tasked with managing. Except for the Cult Of Fauci, most people we’ve talked to seem to agree that he has done a piss poor performance of doing his job, and that is being generous.

The WHO? More Like The WHY Amirite

The WHO doesn’t have an untarnished reputation, either. In 2010, a year after the WHO clearly mismanaged the influenza A/H1N1 pandemic and – you guessed it – insisted that millions of people partake of dubious vaccinations, a joint investigation by the BMJ and the Bureau of Investigative Journalism “uncovered evidence that raises troubling questions about how WHO managed conflicts of interest among the scientists who advised its pandemic planning, and about the transparency of the science underlying its advice to governments. Was it appropriate for WHO to take advice from experts who had declarable financial and research ties with pharmaceutical companies producing antivirals and influenza vaccines?” they asked. The investigation found that “Key scientists advising the World Health Organization on planning for an influenza pandemic had done paid work for pharmaceutical firms that stood to gain from the guidance they were preparing. These conflicts of interest have never been publicly disclosed by WHO, and WHO has dismissed inquiries into its handling of the A/H1N1 pandemic as ‘conspiracy theories.'” What’s that? The WHO had done paid work for the Big Pharma interests that stood to gain from their guidance? And when anyone dared to suggest that this presented a clear conflict of interest, what did the WHO do? They dismissed any scrutiny into their misdeeds as “conspiracy theories.” Why does that sound so familiar?

While the WHO was weathering blowback from the H1N1 pandemic, their current head, Dr. Tedros, was acting as the Foreign Minister of Ethiopia when they were implicated by Human Rights Watch in a massive scheme to use humanitarian aid as a cudgel to force recipients to join the ruling political party. Six years later, while Tedros was still acting in his role as Minister of Ethiopia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, they finally responded to the allegations, issuing a blog post that focused on only one section of the report as a red herring, and, gobsmackingly, accused Human Rights Watch of fomenting the stampede at issue with baseless “scare stories,” dismissing and downplaying all of the allegations against them. Dr. Tedros is also accused of covering up three cholera epidemics while he was health minister of Ethiopia. Small wonder the WHO scooped this guy up!

2010 may have been a long time ago, but it hasn’t gotten better. If anything, in a complete void of accountability, it’s gotten much, much worse. In 2016, an internal audit revealed that The WHO was rife with “reported incidents of fraud, corruption, harassment, failure to comply with professional standards and sexual harassment,” reported incidents of fraud ballooning to nearly 200% above reports from the previous year. What consequences did they suffer? They chastised themselves and told themselves to do better, because the WHO is accountable to no one.

Even last year, after issuing ass-backwards guidance over and over again, exacerbating the pandemic crisis that they belatedly declared, acting as a propaganda arm of the CCP and endangering the lives of everyone on planet Earth, the worst repercussion they suffered was to be temporarily defunded by President Trump, only to be made whole again the minute his successor stepped foot into the White House. That was surely a relief to Bill Gates, who, second to the US government, is the primary source of all WHO funding. Bill Gates also happens to be heavily invested in vaccines, but surely there’s no conflict of interest there. At least, we hope not, because wondering about the prospect that powerful entities have conspired to disenfranchise us by attempting to limit our freedoms and subject us all to the biggest medical experiment in human history is against community standards, and could result in being suspended from social media.

Experts Say EUA Vaccines Are Safe For Most People

Last week, after weeks of reports of severe adverse events following vaccination and many countries long since having halted the distribution of the Astra-Zeneca vaccine, the FDA and CDC paused the trial of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine in the United States, citing six incidents of blood clots and one fatality post-vaccination. Tony Fauci came out fidgeting and fudging the truth in a White House clip circulated on social media, assuring the public that these were just a few isolated incidents, and the trial was paused only out of an overabundance of caution, because our health is his priority. In fact, he said, the only real reason they’re doing this is “to investigate this a little but farther” and so that doctors can be aware of these side effects and start watching out for them. “What we’re doing now has nothing to do with the efficacy of this vaccine,” he said.

“There have been no signals that there are adverse events among those tens of millions of people” who got the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, he said, and only just over six point eight million got the J&J vaccine, so with only six severe adverse events, there’s literally a one in a million chance something might go wrong when you get your vaccine. “Absolutely, you should get vaccinated” he says.

Then he goes on TV news to lament a poll that reportedly shows that 43% of Republican voters say they will “never” get the vaccine, on the heels on a New York Times report suggesting that the “vaccine hesitant” just happen to live in counties that predominately turned out for Trump in the last election, and shame them for wanting their God-given, inalienable rights back.

“It’s always paradoxical,” Tony Fauci says, that on the one hand people want to live free, engage in commerce and pursue their own happiness, but on the other hand they don’t want to participate in a medical experiment and be forcibly injected with a vaccine that hasn’t even been approved by the FDA or proven effective for its intended purpose, which one would think would be to inoculate the vaccinated against disease. “It just doesn’t make any sense.” There he goes again, treating the American people like idiots, and playing dumb about what’s really happening.

None of what Fauci says seems to add up. Notice that anytime anything is happening that threatens their agenda, like people failing to line up in droves to get their government sponsored injection, or effective treatments being proven to work anecdotally or in study after study, or anyone makes a point that threatens their narrative, they immediately fall back on attempting to politicize that issue. “Vaccine hesitancy? That’s just those ignorant Trump voters. What we really need to do is get Q to tell those idiots to take the vaccine. Is Lin Wood available?” But it’s not just conservatives who aren’t jumping at their shot at the Fauci Ouchie. The black community sees the writing on the wall, having been through this a few hundred times before, and many are adopting a “wait and see” approach. In answer to this, former president Barack Obama dragged out sports scientists Shaq and Charles Barkley to address the Tuskegee experiments and assure folks that what is happening right now is definitely nothing at all like those dark times in our very distant past.

Charles Barkley literally urged his fans – his black fans, specifically – to “forget what happened back in the day” and just “go out and get vaccinated” despite the long history of African-Americans being used as human guinea pigs for unscrupulous government programs, and worse. Just forget about it.

Obama took a cue from Fauci and just decided to go full cognitive dissonance, peppered with a bit of pandering to the bandwagoneers. “The irony is that when you know about the Tuskegee experiment, what was going on there was the government withheld treatment that was available for Black men for syphilis. It wasn’t that they made them sick by giving them medicine, it’s that they didn’t give them the medicine they needed” which is totally different. “And so here’s a situation where if the medicine is available, we need to take it. And look, if the wealthy and powerful in our society are all lining up to get shots, that means everybody should know it’s a good thing to get.” Chuck and Shaq appeared to be stunned silent by the former president’s remarks. In effect, Obama basically said ‘All the cool kids are doing it, you should too.’

Sure, none of this in any way resembles the Tuskegee experiment, where there were known treatments for a disease that were deliberately withheld from a population in order to conduct a scientific study at the expense of the trial participants, who were completely deprived of their right to informed consent and were made to suffer unspeakable hardship as a result. And none of this is anything like what people experienced under Nazism, which was a stranglehold on the flow of information controlled by an authoritarian corporate police state bent on world domination and claiming absolute moral authority because they asserted that they were only interested in protecting the public health of their citizens.

History Teaches Us: It's Not Lies That Are Censored

The Nazis were all about something called National Socialism. Paul Diepgen, a Nazi doctor, wrote that “National Socialism means something fundamentally new… It has overcome an idea that was central to medicine of the recent past: the idea of the right to one’s own body.” The only variation here is that what they’re pushing isn’t National Socialism, but Global Socialism, or as Klaus Schwab puts it, a “stakeholder economy”. His emphasis on “mutual interdependence” is key here. He and his WEF cronies, gilded socialites with degrees that have taught them just enough to be dangerous, have pondered long and hard about how to Build Back Better to a new New World Order. In fact, they’ve been working on this for about thirty years, long before SARS-CoV-2 was a twinkle in Fauci’s beady little eyes.

These noble philanthropists have declared that we have to get the planet down to zero carbon emissions ASAP, and seem to have decided that the most efficient way to achieve that would be large scale depopulation, in conjunction with “the death of neoliberalism,” which he defines as competition over cooperation, but what he’s really talking about is the end of individual autonomy in favor of what he likes to call “solidarity,” or what we call blind obedience to the global state. Klaus gleefully talks about a “stateless world,” where our “mutual interdependence” overrides all borders and boundaries, our obligation to be cognizant of the individual’s impact on the whole superseding all national constitutions and local customs. Everything you do impacts me, so I have a say in everything you do. You can see this echoed in Klaus’ assertion that “until everyone is vaccinated, nobody will be safe” claim, which is a very dangerous absolute to be waving around willy-nilly.

Everybody understands the atrocities of what happened a hundred years ago in Germany, and everyone knows that the Jewish people were mistreated, tortured and exiled by the Nazi regime. Fewer people understand the critical role that a state driven panic in the name of public health played in manufacturing consent for these horrors. In the book Racial Hygiene, Robert Proctor wrote that “After 1940, contact with Jews was declared ‘a threat to public health’; Jews trying to escape from the ghetto were shot on the grounds they were violating the quarantine,” and that years later the Nazis justified their actions by saying that shooting Jews escaping quarantine was “a necessary precaution” to protect the public health.

This peer-reviewed paper, published in the NEJM in 2004, illustrates the point very clearly.

The author warns that advancing genetic science “holds great promise for medical advances but also inspires new, utopian visions of perfecting humankind” and concludes that history “reminds us of the importance of maintaining democratic checks and balances in the application of biomedical research and of always guarding against the use of genetics for the purpose of discriminating against persons or groups” – both of which are happening right now. Paramount to democratic checks and balances is an “uninhibited, wide-open civic discourse” conducted by an educated electorate. Instead of listening to the people and launching investigations, the Senate passed the “COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act,” which will stifle any debate into the origin of the virus. You’re allowed to say “Brazilian variant,” but God help you if you say “Chinese virus”.

The Messaging Is Creating A Monster

Just Like The EUA Vaccines Are Doing With Escape Mutations


We can already see the Cult Of Fauci donning their masks for their post-vaccination selfies, exalted and strangely euphoric to have gotten the jab… and seconds later dismayed and disgusted by their fellow human beings who haven’t, or who express a hint of reluctance about performing their baptism by injection. Good shepherd Rachel Maddow devoted an eleven minute segment on her show to display her red badge of honor (a cringeworthy post-vax selfie) and implored the remaining holdouts who watch MSNBC (surely there can’t be many of them) to please, Please, PLEASE just get the vaccine. If she can do it, you can do it, she pleads. Imagine, just imagine, she implores, if you didn’t get the vaccine, and then you spread this horrible disease to someone you care about and murdered them. Imagine how bad you would feel then, if your hesitancy actually murdered someone, she reads unflinchingly from her teleprompter.

No matter that Ms. Maddow is spouting a bunch of misinformation about the EUA vaccines here, endowing the experimental jabs with magical powers not even Tony Fauci suggests that they have. “When you get vaccinated, your risk of getting infected dramatically diminishes and is very low. So then the obvious question is, why are there any restrictions. In a certain situation, one can get vaccinated, have no clinical disease at all, but get infected and not even know it… and inadvertently transmit it to someone else who might actually be unvaccinated and get ill. That’s the reason why you want to wear a mask there. The other reason for wearing a mask, is that there are variants that are circulating, and though they are unusual we are seeing breakthrough infections. But we’re also seeing variants that are a bit disturbing,” Tony Fauci says, putting the risk of escape mutations very mildly.

“What the CDC is saying is that it depends on what your level of risk you want to take. The one thing you want to do is be careful that you don’t inadvertently infect someone else, or, that given the fact that we have 60-70,000 new infections in the community, that is a precarious situation – that is the point.”

Fauci is always very careful to cover all of his bases for the benefit of future hindsight, knowing that his words and actions now will be scrutinized more by future anthropologists dissecting the historical record of the homicidal mismanagement of this catastrophe than by the media of today. He’ll tell us what’s going on, but he’ll be sure to couch it in mealy-mouthed wording to candy coat it and muddy the reality of the message. He likes to get himself on record on both sides of any issue, to be safe.Listen to what he really says, between all the bullshit.

“One can get vaccinated, have no clinical disease at all but get infected & not even know it … and inadvertently transmit it to somebody else who might actually be unvaccinated and get ill. There are variants that are circulating and… we are seeing breakthrough infections. We’re also seeing variants that are a bit disturbing.”

A bit! Ya think? There is good evidence of convergent evolution of escape variants that seem immune to many of the things that actually work to treat COVID. If these dangerous mutations were to become the predominant strain, the “dark winter” that the mockingbird media has been squawking about for over a year will have finally arrived, and some of the obscenely draconian, stupid shit they rolled out for clown bug 1.0 could become the only way to avoid certain death at the end of a coronavirus spike. All that without even mentioning the potential for prion disease, cancer, blood clots, encephalitis, etc etc. Watching these propagandists coax their fans to throw themselves in front of this speeding train, even as J&J is “paused” and reports of severe adverse reactions and mortality mount, would be ironic if it wasn’t self-evident, genocidal evil.

There Is No Conspiracy By Powerful Forces

Good thing that there’s no conspiracy by malicious or powerful forces seeking to harm, control, or reduce the population, or all of this might be very alarming. Pity that all those powerful entities that definitely aren’t seeking to control us seem to have conspired to limit our ability to discuss these things on the only platforms we are allowed to communicate through anymore.

If you weren’t troubled by any of this already, please take a few minutes to listen to what your friends and neighbors are saying. We’ve been compiling these tweets and finding more every day. Imagine your loved one dying of an experimental vaccine and being forbidden from talking about it on social media, while effectively locked in your home.

We can’t know for sure without contacting each of these people, verifying their details, and getting an autopsy report on the friend, family member, neighbor or co-worker they are mourning, whether each of these are real stories of legitimate vaccine casualties, and this is presented purely as anecdotal evidence, but the experience of witnessing this is incomprehensible. Try scrolling all the way to the bottom and tell us that you don’t think something has gone very wrong here.

Experts Say These Tweets May Be Misleading


Please Have The Decency To Die Quietly

Then there are the propagandists. They cheer the censorship of protected speech – not even hate speech, or taboo pornography – just people talking with other people about what they feel they are experiencing and trying to figure out how this could be happening to them, and to so many others, without a single word of it reported by the mainstream press. These aren’t conspiracy theorists – at least they weren’t, until they were coerced to participate in a medical experiment, suffered severe side effects or injuries, were denied coverage by their insurance and told “sorry, nothing we can do for you now” by their doctors, and finally found a place where they could commiserate with other experiment victims online, only to have that ripped out from under them because a few among them dared to point out the framework for what we are experiencing going back thirty years, and wondered aloud if there might be some agenda being advanced by malicious and powerful forces.

“Unverifiable,” as if Facebook doesn’t have the IP address & personal info of each one of those people.

“Unverifiable,” as if their first & last names & state of residence isn’t listed on their profiles.

“Unverifiable” as if journalists have forgotten how to do their damn jobs.

Imagine being a “journalist” and suggesting that info in a Facebook post is unverifiable.

Imagine cheering the silencing of people professing to be suffering immense suffering in a system that cannot support them, and the closure of what may have been their only support network. What if they were real people with real stories and verifiable links to the experiment? What if that was the only place they had found where they could share their suffering with others in the same condition, and try to seek solutions when the “officials” and “experts” that assured them that “the vaccine is safe for most people” won’t even talk about what’s happening to them and so many others?

How many of them did Ms. Spring of the BBC attempt to contact to verify their claims, before stating that these were “unverifiable?”?

How many did Facebook contact or attempt to verify before disbanding the only support network of people possibly suffering unspeakable horrors? And if no journalist nor agent of Facebook attempted to vet any of these stories, how can they memory hole the group based on the claim that it is “misinformation”?

“A combination of very sad, true personal stories where link to the vaccine was unclear – but contrary to statistics,” Ms. Spring said, admitting that many of these stories are TRUE, but true stories from people claiming to have been injured by the experiment, no matter how compelling, were contrary to “the statistics”. The claims of these individuals, and the connections they had forged within this support group, were erased at the behest of powerful interests determined to drive their own narrative at the expense of all others.

The really insidious part of Ms. Spring’s assertions is her claim that “Other posts were from committed anti-vax activists, making unsubstantiated claims,” resulting, she said, in “Very scary posts daily alleging wide-spread horrific injuries.” Propagandists love to use the word “widespread” as a crutch to hold up their nonsensical belief that unless literally everyone is impacted by a thing, the thing is “statistically insignificant” and therefore isn’t just unworthy of discussion, but should not be discussed. It also seems very curious that the claims of people allegedly experiencing horrific vaccine side-effects were “unverifiable,” and yet a few posts “making unsubstantiated claims” were from verifiably “committed anti-vax activists”. Do you suppose Ms. Spring or Facebook did their due diligence to research the backgrounds of the people expressing aversion to experimental EUA vaccines in order to distinguish selective incredulity from “anti-vaccine activism”?

Anti-vaxxers and “conspiracy theorists” talking about Agenda 21 or The Great Reset – documented plans compiled by powerful forces to control the trajectory of modern society, are dangerous, and must be stifled at once, along with anyone talking about losing a loved one to the jab, and everyone talking about their adverse reactions to it. We wouldn’t want to discourage anyone from going out and joining in the Great Experiment, after all. It wouldn’t be good for the messaging.


Big Government is holding us down with nonsensical mandates that violate our rights. Big Pharma is hurting far more people than we are being told in the name of The Great Experiment, and Big Tech is crippling anyone who has anything to say about it, disallowing people from wondering aloud if these entities may be conspiring to control populations. They fear consensus. Be loud in your opposition to what’s happening.
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  • Chelsea Belle

    "Cassandra," apparently. Truth & facts in the spirit of parody. My dot com was seized for discussing cures. Branded a "conspiracy mill" by NYT. Building one rn

Information, Elections and COVID 1984

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Chelsea Belle is "Cassandra," apparently. Truth & facts in the spirit of parody. My dot com was seized for discussing cures. Branded a "conspiracy mill" by NYT. Building one rn

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