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Author: Chelsea Belle

There Is No Evidence Of Election Fraud

The Epstein Party is trying to turn a mostly peaceful protest into another 9/11, but worse, kindling their very own Reichstag fire. Complete with political “cleansing,” re-education camps, absolute control over the public discourse, willfully ignorant hypocrisy and the systemic implementation of overtly sexist and racist policies, we seem to be “Building Back Better” to a frightening, dystopian “new normal”.

How did we get here, and is there any going back?

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The Most 2020 Things of 2020

Each year, we tag things that we believe encapsulate the current year, as we see them. This year, as you all know too well, ran a little long. Despite, or perhaps, because of the decision of many media companies to forego the end of year “Top However Many” lists, we decided to compile these notable moments into a retrospective of the year 2020.

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