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Make America Great Again

Did Operation Enduring Freedom endure longer than our value for freedom and democracy? America has lost its bearings, and with it, our moral high ground. It is time to return to reason, and regain what we have lost - before it is lost forever.

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Dawn of the Day of the Dead

Pathogenic prions are misfolded proteins that act like zombies, corrupting every healthy prion they encounter and turning them into pathogenic zombie prions.

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This pandemic is misleading. Learn more about how malicious and powerful forces seek to harm and control populations.

Are malicious and powerful forces exploiting the crisis they created by mismanaging the COVID pandemic in order to harm or control populations? We are not allowed to ask.

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Nothing Can Stop What’s Coming

A pandemic is being exploited to facilitate massive societal change without debate or consensus. People are dropping like flies from "very rare" side effects from EUA vaccine trials. Human beings are being singled out for punishment or reward based on their participation in a medical experiment - as well as gender identity, sexual orientation, appearance or ethnicity. All while the curators have disallowed us from wondering out loud whether malicious powerful forces might be using COVID as pretext to control people.

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