Censored Tweet: Guess what happens when you don’t wear a mask? Mask


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Weight 0.02 kg

This reusable face mask will fit you nicely thanks to its adjustable nose wire and elastic bands. Choose a design that will complement your style, as face masks are becoming the new trend.

• 100% supersoft polyester microfiber
• Fabric weight: 2.4–2.5 oz/yd² (80-85 g/m²)
• Nose wire that helps adjust the mask
• Elastic bands with PVC earloop size regulators
• Pocket for a filter or napkin
• Washable and reusable
• Product components sourced from the UK and China

Another censored tweet, another mask.

Dr. Adam Aneevit recently took to Twitter to ask what happens when you don’t wear a mask. He answered his own question: “Nothing.”

The curators took this as an opportunity to assert their oft-employed contention that “This Tweet may be misleading,” imploring users to “Get the latest on preventative measures and COVID-19.” The appended message links to this page (archived), loaded with helpful disinformation from fact-checkers and select ‘experts’ about the efficacy of wearing cloth masks to protect against an aerosolized virus. Unfortunately for the curators, this propaganda is easily disprovable, just by looking at scientific studies that demonstrate little to no benefit. 

Dr. Aneevit is correct, nothing happens when you don’t wear a mask that would happen any differently if wearing a cloth mask.

When you are forced to wear a mask, put this on and remind people that this is all theater.  This also serves to highlight the insane censorship and propaganda people are being subjected to.


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