This Sticker Sheet Is Misleading


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This sticker sheet has two censored tweets and three little conspiracy mills for you to stick somewhere special.
The curators of the world clearly do not want this message to be shared, so just like they’ve appended a warning to this tweet, why don’t we append this tweet to high visibility areas in public spaces?

This tweet has made over eleven million impressions on Twitter, but there are millions of people who still haven’t seen it. Those who haven’t seen it on Twitter yet may never see it. Maybe they don’t use Twitter. Maybe they don’t know how to use a smartphone or a computer. The people who have not heard this message yet are those who most need to see it. What better way to spread the word than with stickers?

Put one up in your window, on your mailbox, on the front door of your business. Stick them on community bulletin boards, put one on your locker… put them everywhere! QR Code links to Roadtoserfdom’s infamous tweet to encourage sharing.


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