This HUGE 55″ × 54″ Recycled Polyester Fabric Is Misleading


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The curators of the world are so terrified of this tweet, they have crippled their own platform ten different ways to inhibit its dissemination. You cannot like it, you cannot comment on it, you can’t retweet it – you can’t even view the statistics on this tweet, it’s so allegedly misleading.

Hang this HUGE piece of fabric in high-visibility areas to help get the word out about what the manufacturers call “investigational medicines,” the FDA calls “gene therapies,” and the curators of the world insist are vaccines. Cut the four little tweets off the bottom and share with friends!

@roadtoserfdom3 is under economic duress and, like many of us, devoting much of his time to trying to save lives by spreading the word about what is really happening.

To support his efforts directly, please donate! & 3speak & gab
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