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Author: Chelsea Belle

5D Chess Intensifies

Americans have been waiting on COVID relief for months, but after getting a glimpse of what Congress wants to do with our tax dollars, many wouldn’t want it signed, even for $2K, still yet for a $600 pittance. Now Trump has announced that he’s signed the abysmal bill – but with a catch – and, maybe, a hook.

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Who Killed Nyla Moore?

On April 10, 2020, Nyla Moore was diagnosed with COVID-19 after complaining that she couldn’t breathe. For three weeks, Nyla was subjected to the torture of a ventilator, til finally she succumbed to the clown bug and died alone. Who is responsible for this and for the murders of hundreds of thousands more like Nyla?

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The Krakening

The confusion around who is fighting on the front lines for the Trump campaign and who is fighting for “We The People” – and where the distinction is between the two, has caused many to wonder wtf is going on.

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